Has Lamy Gone Too Green?


And Lamy recently announced it was putting one of the past annual special edition Al-Stars in the regular line.  Which one?  Well, of course it would be a green one.  It’s the minty-mouthwash colored one called “Blue Green,” in position seven, above.

Someone at Lamy surely loves green.  The run of green has been noticeable over the past few years.  2016 brings us the Charged Green Al-Star.  2015 saw the Neon Lime Safari.  2014 was the Blue Green Al-Star.  2013 had the Neon Yellow Safari (a greenish yellow). 2012 offered the Apple Green Safari.  2008 had the Lime Safari.

Here are the recent Safaris in green or yellow-green. Neon Yellow, Lime, Apple Green and Neon Lime.


And it’s not that they are horrible.  I particularly like the Apple Green.  Which by the way, Lamy announced it’s adding to the regular line this year.  Because it’s green, of course.

But even a good thing becomes too much at a certain point.  And doing the same thing over and over might make it look like no thought is going into these decisions.  It’s as if someone just says, “What did we do last year? That worked out. We might as well do something similar.”

I am in the “fan” category of Lamy purchaser — I buy each one. So seeing similar colors every year is a disappointment, but I still buy the pens.  At least for now. But I think the larger category of possible Lamy purchasers may become bored by this.  If you only buy a Safari or Al-Star every once in a while, and you don’t love green, will green after green be an opportunity, or a yawn?

You know what I like? I like variety. Here’s a random Safari drawer.  It’s the assortment of colors that makes this pen fun.  I like the rainbow.


And you know what I find ironic? I keep saying this, but the one green that people really want is the Savannah Green that was one of the original Safari colors.  If you’re going to issue a green Safari or Al-Star every single year, Lamy, why not that one?  Make money, make people happy and honor the Safari’s history by reissuing the Savannah Green and the Terracotta Orange as historical tribute special editions. Recreate the original box, even.

Montblanc would be all over this.  How about VW?  The new Beetle did wonders for that company.  The rebooted Star Wars franchise hit big because it built on a broad base of nostalgia. If you’ve got true fans, appreciate them.  Don’t look like you are phoning it in.

I say this only because, Lamy, I love you, and I think you can do better.  This fabulous, this historic, this fun franchise — the Safari, Al-Star and Vista — deserves more.  Thankfully, the quality is still there.  But on the design and creativity front, I, as one of your biggest fans, would welcome a little more.

7 thoughts on “Has Lamy Gone Too Green?

  1. YES!! Agree with you wholeheartedly. I’m sick to death of all the green, although, Savannah Green would be amazing!! When I saw that Anderson pens had some vintage Safaris in Savannah Green, I was drooling all over the place. I think fans would love to see those two original colours reissued in a special edition. The original packaging is awesome too!
    That ‘Dark Purple” AL Star is NOT purple. It’s wine/burgundy coloured. I want a TRUE dark grape coloured Al Star (basically, the colour of the new Dark Lilac), and I wants it nowwww! LOL 😉 I am greedy and want a lavender one too. 😀
    Fortunately, I am not one of those folks who purchases every Al-Star or Safari when they come out, (my last purchase was the Blue-Green) so my wallet has been safe from the colourways that Lamy has been churning out as of late. I have to really love the colour to grab one. I personally prefer the Al-Stars over the Safaris, however, with the new Dark Lilac coming out, I’ll be picking up one of those 🙂
    Do they really sell that well to have so many neon/greens? I walked into a brick and mortar and saw a LOT of neon greens (and maybe yellows – not sure, but there were a lot of them) – far more than any of the other colours.
    They must sell well, otherwise, why would they keep churning them out?

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    1. I remember seeing a lot of Neon Yellow and Neon Lime lingering in US online stores, even being sold at a discount. On the other hand, Apple Green was popular here.

      Perhaps the neons and greens are big in Europe? Like Jerry Lewis is considered a comic genius in France. 🙂


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