Diamine Shimmertastic Blue Pearl Comparison

Blue Velvet was one of the Mystery Ink Number 10 inks. Blue Velvet is a beautiful, striking blue, and bright.

Shimmertastic Blue Pearl also is striking, reminding me of Parker Penman Sapphire, with the shimmer of silver particles. But I think that the silver gives it depth and richness rather than added brightness.

Here are swabs, with Blue Velvet on top and Blue Pearl underneath.


Here is a paper towel chromatography comparison, with Blue Velvet on the left and Blue Pearl on the right.


The different blues that I see in Blue Velvet all appear in Blue Pearl, as does the same pink and the grayish blue at the bottom. But Blue Pearl is more complex: it has silver particles in the grayish blue area, and adds the purple area.

Because I’ve used Blue Velvet, and all the MI-10 volunteers did as well, I can say with confidence that Blue Velvet is not particularly hard to clean out of a pen, though it takes longer than some other blues. I hope that augurs well for Blue Pearl. I haven’t yet been willing to empty my Blue Pearl pen.

One thought on “Diamine Shimmertastic Blue Pearl Comparison

  1. They are definitely close enough to make you wonder whether they used Blue Velvet as a base. But the Blue Pearl is definitely more than Blue Velvet with added glitter. Both great looking inks though!


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