Mystery Ink No. 10 Report – Pelikan Edelstein Topaz and Diamine Blue Velvet

These Mystery Inks have long since been revealed to the actual participants. So I’m going to make it easier on blog readers by now saying that “Carli” is Pelikan Edelstein Topaz, and “Lloyd” is Diamine Blue Velvet.

I’ve been doing something on FPGeeks Forum called Mystery Ink, where people volunteer to try an ink they know nothing about and then report back on it.  The idea is to elicit a pure reaction to an ink, uninfluenced by any expectations created by brand, price, photos or the ink’s online reputation.  It’s been a blast and very educational for me.

The tenth installment of Mystery Ink, known as MI-10, is running on FPG now.  You can find the thread here.  To celebrate Mystery Ink reaching double digits, MI-10 for the first time comprises two inks, one labeled “Carli” and the other “Lloyd,” in honor of Carli Lloyd, who wears Number 10 for the US Women’s National Soccer Team.


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5 thoughts on “Mystery Ink No. 10 Report – Pelikan Edelstein Topaz and Diamine Blue Velvet

  1. I’ve tried both inks, and loved them both. A little bird sent me a sample of the mystery ink Carli, after I had already tried the Topaz. I raved about it. Fairly recently I tried the Blue Velvet, and adored it too. I wish both of these inks were put in the full line up from the makers.

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    1. Awesome! Actually both Diamine Blue Velvet (Lloyd) and Pelikan Edelestein Topaz (Carli) should be regularly available, because they are part of the regular lineup for those companies. Not special editions, which is nice.

      I’m not sure I mentioned it in this piece, but Blue Velvet is similar to some inks that are no longer available, or are very expensive, so that’s another great thing about that one. I personally like an ink to be a little less “super bright” than Blue Velvet, so I go for a KWZ blue instead, but many people love Blue Velvet just for how bright it is. 🙂

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      1. Oh I did not know that! That is wonderful news. I loved Blue Velvet as is. On Tomoe River it was bright, but not too bright, and where the ink pooled it was dark. I especially like high contrast shading from an ink. Topaz was a great shading ink, and so well behaved, and easy to clean. I have never tried a KWZ ink. I guess I’m afraid of it. I may dedicate a pen for that type of ink in the future, and just use that. Thanks Laura!

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