Fountain Pen Favorites for February 2016


We have an extra day this February, which means I’m celebrating with an extra post.  Sorry, readers!  But let’s do an Oscars theme, in honor of yesterday’s Academy Awards.

The “Mad Max: Fury Road Sweeping All Categories” Award goes to KWZ Ink.  I’ve only reviewed four KWZ inks this month, I think, but I’ve got at least two more in pens right now.  This mighty little brand continues to impress me: beautiful inks, different styles, all so easy on my pens.

The “Gosh, That ‘Room’ Kid Has Gorgeous Parents, Too” Award goes to MY63’s beautiful leather pen cups. Here and here. Put them next to his wonderful leather pen cases, and the whole family is beautiful.

The “Chris Rock Rocks” Award goes to Lamy, a company that certainly could diversify past the color green, but at least is finally making its fans happy with a forthcoming purple Safari.  Now on preorder, by the way. I’ve seen a lot of people excited about that purple Safari, and about the Charged Green Al-Star that arrived this month. It’s nice to see people excited about pens.

A Pen Case Just for Kaweco Sports


What is that interesting bit of red and black up there? It’s the coolest leather pen case/pen cup. Michael at MY63 Leather made it just to fit four Kaweco Sports.

Kaweco Sports are mini-pens, smaller than normal when capped, and then normal size when you post them to write with.  But because they are shorter capped, when you put them in a regular pen case or pen cup, they tend to get a little lost in there.

So Michael decided to make a cup or case that fits Kaweco Sports exactly.

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A Peek at the Pen Cup: Deluxe Edition


Look at this gorgeous thing. This is my new pen cup, courtesy of the wonderful and talented Michael of MY63 Leather case fame.

Michael’s handmade leather work is amazing, and he’s branched out from his marvelous pen cases to other beautiful items like leather notebook covers.  I had casually mentioned a pen cup to him, and look what he made.  It is just stunning.

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Pen Case Review: MY63 Single-Pen Cases

Through Fountain Pen Geeks Forum, I have gotten to know a fellow member MY63 — Michael — who does leather work including custom handmade pen cases.  He very kindly surprised me with a single-pen case as a gift, and I liked that so much I bought a second in a different style.

The first case is tubular in shape. It consists of two halves held together by a leather cord that closes with a leather toggle.  Mine has a mahogany exterior with yellow stitching, and a tan suede interior.

The second case has a more familiar holster design, with a leather flap that slips into a leather band.  Mine is black with red stitching and a silver suede interior.  I call it the Blackhawks case because I chose the colors for the 2015 Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.

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