One Minute Ink Review: Penlux Mò Plum

Penlux Mo Plum writing sample

Penlux Mò Plum. I don’t like purple inks, so explain why I ordered this one right after trying it yesterday at my pen club? It’s really attractive. And, because it’s made by Sailor for a store in Taiwan, it’s somewhat limited.

The color of Penlux Mò Plum is a dark plum. With just a hint of shading, it looks good in a fine nib and is dark enough for work. Penlux Mò Plum is like a darker, more saturated, and, I’d wager, slightly bluer, version of the wonderful KWZ Brown-Pink. That probably also helps explain the instant appeal to me.

4 thoughts on “One Minute Ink Review: Penlux Mò Plum

    1. It’s a dark plum, so not that far from burgundy. After all purple-burgundy is sort of a continuum. This to me is pretty clearly on the purple side, but different colors around it will bring out more of the burgundy, I’m sure. The KWZ Brown-Pink is a different ink, less saturated, not close to burgundy, but an interesting pale purple. This Penlux ink is a dark purple. The Penlux has a little taste of the KWZ Brown-Pink to me, but it’s quite different. 🙂

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