New Pen Day: Lamy Al-Star Bronze

Lamy Al-Star Bronze and Copper Orange

I just wanted to share a few shots of the 2019 Lamy Al-Star Bronze in real life. In the photo above, the Bronze is just below the 2015 Copper Orange Al-Star.

I bought my Bronze Al-Star this weekend. Our monthly pen club meetup was Sunday, at a wonderful pen and stationery store in Chicago called Atlas Stationers. Lucky timing, because Atlas’s first shipment of Bronze Al-Stars arrived a few days earlier. So of course I bought one. Also the Bronze ink. When Fate knocks on your door like that, you answer. (As long as Fate is not bearing three pastel Safaris, in which case, I would pretend I was not home.)

When it comes to the Bronze Al-Star, though, I’m a happy customer.

Most of my fellow pen clubbers also seemed to like it, but I do have one friend whose first reaction was dislike, so obviously tastes vary. It’s not an “aged” or “darkened” bronze color, I guess. But for most people I think the Bronze should be pretty noncontroversial and easy to like. The color is more subdued and business-like than we’ve gotten from the last few years of Al-Stars, too. It’s the classic “pen I can take to work” so many people seek. If the Bronze leads to eventual Brass and Copper color Al-Stars, I won’t be entirely surprised, but I also won’t be annoyed.

The Bronze actually reminds me not of an Al-Star but of the metallic colors Lamy picked for the more upscale Lx line. Here’s a photo of the Lx in Rose Gold above the Bronze Al-Star.

Lamy Al-Star Bronze and Lamy Lx Rose Gold

The Bronze fits in beautifully with Lamy’s older and most elegant Al-Stars. Here is the Bronze in the middle of the Coffee Brown and the Pearl, two of my favorite Al-Stars from years past.

Lamy Al-Star Coffee Brown, Bronze and Pearl

Add the Copper Orange, if you must, and you’ve got an autumnal bouquet.

Lamy Al-Star Bronze, Pearl, Coffee Brown and Copper Orange

But it’s almost spring. So here is the Bronze amidst a wider array of Al-Stars. From left are Dark Purple, Raspberry, Vibrant Pink, Ruby Red, Copper Orange, Bronze, Charged Green, Green and Blue Green.

Lamy Al-Star fountain pens collection

Just for fun, here is the rest of my little collection. Pacific, Ocean Blue, Ice Blue, Graphite Gray, Pearl, Coffee Brown, Black, Aluminum and a Green with a black clip.

Lamy Al-Star fountain pens collection

My conclusion? Al-Stars are good. And the Bronze is a worthy addition to the lineup.

I did try Lamy’s accompanying Bronze ink before I bought a bottle, and it looked like a nice color in the tester Lamy that Atlas Stationers had. The ink is a moderately saturated bronze or brown with an orange tint. I look forward to trying it out,.


22 thoughts on “New Pen Day: Lamy Al-Star Bronze

  1. Glad I found your blog. Thanks for picturing the LAMY colors.
    I have (and love) the Copper Orange, the Pacific, and other older pen colors from years ago. My Copper Orange has the Fine nib and J.Herbin “orange indien” ink.

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    1. My decision tree is something like: “Is it shiny? Is it pretty? Will the family find out?” When the answers are “yes, yes, no,” then I pretty clearly need that item.

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  2. Your comment about the pastels made me laugh. I have the Rose Gold LX which I love not only because it was a gift from my daughter, and I don’t feel terribly drawn to the Bronze Al-Star, although I’d be prepared to mug you for your Ruby Red! The autumn shades together do look scrumptious though.

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  3. This is nice, but it’s that Rose Gold one that really pops for me. The finish makes for kind of a more tender rose gold than the ones you see a lot of that are really shiny and come across a bit cold.

    Ugh, never mind, they’re all gorgeous. I know I sound like I have no personality not picking a favourite, but seriously, I just like them all 🙂

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    1. You sound like my favorite type of person: positive and generous about things! I think that’s great. Instead of cynical me, grousing about purple ink like I do. 🙂


  4. Sounds like it’s a hit in your neck of the woods. Sadly the Copper Orange is the only one of these that I much like the look of. I missed it when it came out and prices are now so eye-watering (if you can find one) as to make it not worth bothering with. Ho hum.

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    1. Seriously?! I hate that! I totally agree with your decision. Honestly, are any of them worth a premium? I’d say no — just buy one of the current ones.

      I love hearing about people’s favorites! FWIW, my favorites are the Ruby Red, the Ocean Blue and the Charged Green. In the next tier by a smidge, are the Pearl, the Coffee Brown and … maybe … the Vibrant Pink, not sure with that one.

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    1. You know, my friend, I *will* pass up the opportunity to open that can of worms again, but thank you for the opportunity. 🤣 Though there was something hilarious about being Safari-splained by people who probably weren’t even born when I bought my first Safari. “Yes, thank you, I do happen to know that the Safari was designed as a middle school pen — in fact you can read when I wrote about that *three years ago* if you like.” 🤣🙃😇

      Okay, though, I found a pastel we can both love! The Kaweco Frosted Sports are absolutely adorable! They are milky plastic pastels: white, yellow, orange, blue, green and pink. I bought the pink one at the same time as this Copper Al-Star, but my younger daughter wanted it. Which is good! So, to me, that’s a pen where the pastel really works with the pen design. I’m possibly going to snag another, just haven’t decided which color.

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