A Review of the Lamy Lx in Rose Gold

Lamy Lx Rose Gold fountain pen

Lamy Lx Rose Gold with medium nib. Clearly under the influence of too much Thanksgiving pie, as well as the word “sale.” I succumbed to Black Friday frenzy and ended up with a Lamy Lx in Rose Gold with a medium nib. And now it’s here.

I think the Lx is a very nice-looking pen in rose gold. The Lx nib writes noticeably more smoothly than the normal Safari nib. But I don’t like the Lx so-called case. And I think the Lx price is easier to justify if you’re buying it as a gift, or you are a new user, or you have a serious yen for one of the colors.

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7 thoughts on “A Review of the Lamy Lx in Rose Gold

  1. I can confirm they are everywhere in the U.K. (and have been for a while) and I eventually succumbed to the Rose Gold. Agree with you totally (as usual) especially regarding the case: I think ‘oversize lipstick’ is kind, it reminds me of a receptacle one used to carry in one’s handbag… but the pen is lovely and smooth and cheery and currently inked with Diamine Crimson. As soon as it joins its chums in the AL-stars red/purple case then we will be very happy.

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    1. Totally.

      I like to think the company’s designers are too good to have ever envisioned that clunky metal cylinder as a case to be carried around. I like to think that when the business and marketing guys were positioning the pen, some business side guy posited “if we call that a ‘case,’ we can charge a higher price!” And then a marketing guy chimes in, “A pen with case! We should name that the Luxe.” At which point the youngest marketing guy, who’s been clandestinely using his phone to shop for a car during the meeting, looks up and says, “Wait! Get this: we spell it Lx.”

      Boom. Raises all around.


  2. The cap medallion in your photo COMPLETELY set off my OCD alarm.

    It. Is. Crooked.

    I hope you can get that sorted out, but you’ll have to excuse me now, I have to feed the giraffe…

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  3. Very helpful review, I like that you deal with the ‘value’ of the bling factor. I have been trying to decide if the LX is a must buy or if I was just getting caught up in marketing hype. Your discussion of the nib makes this a really thorough resource for thinking about the LX.

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