7 thoughts on “Ink Review: Taccia Uguisu

  1. An attractive colour, that I have not made use of before. I guess you need to be extra careful about cleaning your pen before using a light colour like this, to remove all traces of whatever ink you used last (note to self here!).

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  2. Nice review with one point in particular: while this color is not something I’ll chase, I always enjoy a review that looks at all aspects of an ink, and you have covered everything from hue and look to potential permanence elements. The one thing I’d like to highlight is the use of two differing nibs, which I *always* think is more than just a bonus but an important feature. To have examples in both a fine mono-line and a larger, italic-style nib serve to amplify more of the ink’s potential. That’s a win for the viewers out here in pen/ink land. Kudos.

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    1. Thanks, Jon! I always choose one fine or medium nib because those are the sizes most used by people in real life. That loses much of the wow factor, unfortunately. 😊 But that’s kinda me. 😁

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