10 thoughts on “New Pen Day: Woodshed Pen Co. Demonstrator

    1. Remember buying those cars, too? And Matchbox and other brands? I loved the ones with doors that opened, or with rumble seats. My brother had a bunch, and a cute little case for them. Selecting, showing and trading those seems like a precursor to the fountain pen hobby, now that I think about it. 😀

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      1. Yes! I loved playing with cars. We had Matchbox, Corgi and Dinkie as the main brands. Favourites might be the James Bond car, or the Batmobile with extra features or my Mercedes with windscreen wipers which 2operated when the car was pushed along. I didn’t trade them though…just accumulated them and enjoyed getting them out to play with. Life before fountain pens!

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        1. My older sister had a James Bond car with a beautiful metallic finish and doors that opened, and an ejector seat! And I am proud to say I heroically swiped it from her on behalf of all the younger siblings — which may sound bad, but if you knew that sister you’d know that what I pulled off was almost literally death-defying, and an act of principled resistance to the forces of evil on a scale of, oh, Braveheart or the Avengers. It was a good car, too. 🙂

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      2. OMG, rumble seats! I had one with a rumble seat, and it was the best! Why don’t I have it any more? I also had one that looked just like Jim Rockford’s car in the Rockford Files. Now I want to go on eBay and try to re-acquire all my favorites!

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