ZOMG Who Wants to Win the Sailor Professional Gear Ocean?

You do! And no, joke, you can! I practically tripped across a giveaway that Dan Smith, aka The Nibsmith, just started for the Professional Gear Slim in Ocean. It’s a beautiful pen! Dan said I could enter, so I did, but don’t worry, I never win anything. But I hope one of you do.

Apparently you can enter at this link but also on all forms of social media, like Twitter, where I follow Dan. But also maybe even on a whole bunch of other social media. Even Facebook, which I won’t touch because it’s horrible and evil — but then, if you’re already on it, go for it. What’s one more day on there, when you might win a free pen?!

Best part: I learned by entering that Dan has a heretofore unknown appreciation for Archer, which I think I may have corrupted him into. Now, if I can only get him into It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, my work on this earth will be complete.

16 thoughts on “ZOMG Who Wants to Win the Sailor Professional Gear Ocean?

      1. Oh I saw it alright! Thanks for the comment. I was a little late to the contest party. I gave the link to my buddy. I said if you win and you don’t like it (fat chance of that), give it to me. LOL! I was serious though for sure. I have a few inks that would love marvelous with that pen, no doubt about it.

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      1. It is beautiful! I loaded it with Edelstein Aquamarine and it’s a perfect match. I got a Broad nib; I really like those in Sailors. And it has a wonderful little feedback. It feels great on the paper in the Life Noble notebook. I’ve recently really gotten into Sailors. They all seem to have a distinct feel to their nibs that I really like.

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