Comparing My Many Pen Cases, Because the Road to Wisdom is Excess

fountain pen cases

Let’s start with pen wraps. Above is a representative sample ofΒ  mine.

Pen wraps turn out to be my favorite. They protect pens from scratching, but are small, lightweight and inexpensive.

The red one holds four pens or pencils and has a small zippered pouch. It’s in a sturdy but fun-color leather, with a stylish belt.

Next is a small Japanese fabric wrap, from Jetpens. This holds three pens and closes with a fabric cord. It’s nice, but akin to loungewear, not a winter coat.

Next is my standup pen case from Elizabeth Newton. This holds five pens and closes with velcro. It’s attractive, protective and compact.

On the far right is a pen wrap made by a friend. This holds nine pens and closes with a leather cord and an opal. It’s spectacularly beautiful, and it means the world to me.

Note that three of these stand up.

fountain pen cases

That’s Wilde, Blake and I, standing shoulder to shoulder.

Another useful category is the hard-shell pen case, like the two below.

fountain pen cases

On top is a handmade “Nakaya-type” case from MY63 cases. This holds one pen, and it’s great. I wrote more about it here, and also about a different hard-shell design from MY63.

On the bottom is a case that a friend of mine made from an eyeglass case. He managed to section it off inside to hold six pens.

I use a hard-shell case when I’m worried about crushing or dropping pens, which isn’t that often for me. But it’s a nice option to have.

Next comes the zippered-case category. Here are two of mine.

fountain pen cases

On the right is my Kaweco Traveler case, in distressed leather. This is fabulous. It has loops for six pens and a large interior mesh pocket. I use this a lot: it’s small enough to fit in my purse, but feels tougher than a wrap.

On the left is a zippered case from Franklin-Christoph. It has loops for three pens, though one of the loops is right next to the zipper. I rarely use this case, but I won’t part with it: it’s pink, it was a gift and it means a lot to me.

My last category is the black leather cases.

Here is a representative sampling.

fountain pen cases

Underneath is the common zip-up case so many people have. Collectors carry around multiple 48-pen cases, but I have 20-pen cases, and I use my two mostly at home. They stand on a shelf like books, for space-efficient storage.Β I don’t tend to carry mine, because I don’t carry 20 pens.

I’m not enthusiastic about these. I’d happily get rid of them. But first I may have to get rid of the pens inside. Pause to note that I am wise in pens, too — and here comes another high five from my man, William Blake.

The case on top, with the orange zipper pull, is a complete mystery, a stowaway. I only know I didn’t buy it. It’s more of a pencil pouch, but it’s nice.

The black cases below that are fancy leather cases, holding two pens each. These look dignified, and are perfect for those who bring pens to business meetings.

And here, finally, we reach the end of the road of excess. I am obviously the wisest person in pen cases who isn’t actually a store. Here is what I have learned: they are all good, depending on your needs. And I will be holding a pen-case garage sale soon.

18 thoughts on “Comparing My Many Pen Cases, Because the Road to Wisdom is Excess

  1. Congratulations to this diverse collection πŸ˜‰
    Could you possibly show the inside of the eyeglasses-case (and it’s rough dimensions)? That seems to be a very protective and hence “travel-safe” solution.

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  2. […] I’ve cast around a bit for inspiration, and hit upon a couple of Galen Leather pen case reviews over at Inks and Pens (January 2017), and The Well-Appointed Desk (September, 2017). In the back of my mind, I kept the image of the Kaweco distressed leather pen case reviewed by Laura over at Fountain Follies, and how much I loved the color and the finish. With all this in mind, I took a look at the Galen Leather web site, specifically for a 10 or 12 pen case, preferably in a leather and style similar to Laura’s distressed Kaweco. […]


  3. OMG, I’ve finally found somebody who has probably the same “wisdom” with pen cases as I do. I have more than I need. I guess if I put all my pens in cases, then maybe I’d use them all. I finally broke down and got a large 48-pen case for about $20 on sale, and I put the pens I’m not currently using in there. Just to get them out of sight. If my husband can’t see them, he won’t complain (“just how many pens do you have, anyway?”). Sigh. He’s not a pen person, he can’t understand. I’m just glad he doesn’t know how much money I’ve really spent on this “hobby!”

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  4. Oh boy. If excess were a road to wisdom I’d be the most wizened person alive. I was literally asking “where’s the rest of them?” when you were stating that you believed you have too many pen cases. I have been collecting pencil cases and pouches since middle school and since I got into the fountain pen “hobby” ::coughcoughaddictioncoughcough:: the collection has grown to ridiculous levels. I don’t have a ton of fountain pen specific pen cases, but taken with my other bags/pouches, it makes your collection look completely reasonable.

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    1. Bless you, you are kind, but I think it’s nuts. πŸ™‚

      Agreed on the awesomeness of the brown wrap and the Kaweco Traveler. The ones I’m going to keep are those two (plus all the ones that were gifts) and the Liz Newton wrap. The others should go to people who’ll use them.

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  5. Wow, you have a great selection of pen wraps and cases. I love them all. Thanks for sharing this. I am surprised you don’t have a Nock case too! I too would rather have smaller cases, than huge cases. I’m not leaving the house with a huge amount of pens, so I have no need for one that holds a ton of pens. I think my favorite case is my Penvelope from Franklin Christoph. The one I have holds six pens, and I keep it on my computer desk. I love the magnetic clasp on it. I can flip it open and it lays flat, if I am using several pens at one sitting. If not, I usually select one and then close it. I use this case everyday and it shows little wear after all this time.

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    1. I feel exactly the same way about preferring smaller cases. I can put two of them in my purse or bag, which lets me carry a lot of pens in a small space.

      Great choice with a Penvelope! It’s a case I’ve always admired but never pulled the trigger on. Same with the Nock. Brad had a newish model in a color I liked last year, but by the time I got back it was sold out. Both are great cases. But I think it’s clear to me now that I have enough cases. πŸ™‚

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