Pen Case Review: Kaweco Traveler Case

Kaweco Traveller Pen Case

The Kaweco Traveler pen case is a six-pen case, in a temptingly soft leather, that fits not only Kaweco Sport fountain pens but also most standard-size fountain pens. It’s cleverly designed to fit a lot of gear in a compact package, which makes it ideal for carrying around.

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14 thoughts on “Pen Case Review: Kaweco Traveler Case

  1. I finally gave in and ordered this case, and I’m not sorry. I like to carry my Kaweco Liliputs and AL Sports with me, and it protects them very nicely. Besides being a perfect size for Kaweco pens, it also fits my Pelikan M300s. I like the tighter elastics; they hold onto the smaller-diameter pens firmly. On some of the cases made for larger pens, the elastics are too big around to hold my mini fountain pens. I also like the little mesh-covered section to bring extra cartridges in. As a pen collector with very small hands, I collect lots of minis, so this case worked out perfectly for me.

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    1. That’s great to hear! I really love it, too. You’re right that it’s nice to have a case made for smaller pens, since they often don’t fit right in larger cases. But it also fits most of my regular-size pens, too. And I love being able to carry it in a larger bag without worrying, since it gives the pens a lot of protection.


    1. Thanks for that, Kelly. I actually asked them about the leather but never heard back, so that’s great to know. My impression using it is exactly that: it looks and feels higher end.


  2. Thanks. That is very helpful. That is the main reason I don’t like zippered cases, because the zippers wear out. YKK are not that expensive. For the price of this case, one would think that is what they used. I loved seeing the Dia2 and some other pens besides Sport fit in that case. Thank you Laura. I adore your blog!!

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  3. Outstanding review. I love the case. I am not a fan of zippers for a pen case though. But for a traveling pen case, it is perfect. (or for your purse!) I like the look of the case, and the design is excellent. Did this have a YKK zipper?

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