Field Notes Campfire Edition

Field Notes Campfire

The Field Notes Summer 2017 quarterly edition is Campfire, and it’s as nostalgic and warm as you’d expect. I love this one. The paper, however, is probably just medium-quality for fountain pens, if that’s a worry for you.

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4 thoughts on “Field Notes Campfire Edition

  1. Excellent post today. I like the look of this series. I know exactly what type of paper it is since you mentioned the Cherry graph. I happen to have the Cherry graph and like it. But it is not as good as the Lunacy, true. Thanks for keeping us informed on the Field Notes upcoming editions. That is very helpful to me!

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  2. These appeal to me so much, as I’m thee same target audience as you– MidWestern Girl Scout as a child, who went camping (unwillingly) with my parents. I always loved the campfire best.

    However, I wouldn’t know what to use these for. Ideas? And what are the measurements as far as height?

    Love your blog so much!

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    1. Thank you!

      I carry mine everywhere — in my purse, usually. I use them to write down whatever comes up that I need to remember (a new person’s email, for example, or store hours, or dimensions, the name of something that interested me). It’s just faster for me to write this stuff down in a notebook — everything but phone numbers, which go straight in my phone. I even do all my Chicago Pen Show planning in Field Notes.They are small, durable, easy to store and you can look back at everything later. Some people use Field Notes to bullet journal, or even journal, but those people must have far better handwriting than I do. 🙂

      The height is 5 1/2 inches, the width 3 1/2.

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