Ink Snippet: KWZ Grey Plum

KWZ Grey Plum

KWZ Grey Plum. This is a very popular ink, and it’s almost unbelievably well-behaved. When I wrote with it, the “plum” part submerged into the “grey,” so I consider it essentially a dark gray or light black ink with a purple tint. I’d recommend Grey Plum to anyone looking for an interesting black ink. Or to fans of inks that change color as they dry.

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4 thoughts on “Ink Snippet: KWZ Grey Plum

  1. I tried this ink recently too. If you give it a tad bit of dilution, you will see more plum. I agree with everything you said. On some paper, you can see more plum. I already have enough dark almost black ink, so this one isn’t for me. I loved your review, and especially the comparison photos. That tells you a lot right there alone. I was surprised that I didn’t like this that much. It has good behavior, and all. But I have to be more picky about any ink I buy in the future…and this one didn’t make the cut. Now their Flame Red has possibilities for me. I keep finding more ink of interest. I need to stop getting samples. I cannot seem to help myself….lol.

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  2. I quite like this ink, you did a great review of it. I’m thinking now, maybe a little dilution would bring the plum out more? Time to get the lab coat out.

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