Ink Review: KWZ Iron Gall Aztec Gold

KWZ Iron Gall Aztec Gold

KWZ Iron Gall Aztec Gold. Another day, another captivating light brown ink from KWZ. This one is Iron Gall Aztec Gold, and it’s an ink with green and gold notes, and just a bit of iron gall, that behaves supremely well and cleans up very easily. I think it’s lovely ink and so gentle that it would be a good introduction to iron gall inks.

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5 thoughts on “Ink Review: KWZ Iron Gall Aztec Gold

  1. Thanks for this review! I found it while trying to decide whether to put my sample of this in an actual pen. (Haven’t tried an Iron Gall ink before.) Now, I can confidently take the plunge.

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  2. Wow, that Honey looks very appealing.

    I have and enjoy very much the Aztec Gold. It’s a kindv strangely fun ink for me.

    Have you seen or tried El Dorado?

    Lastly, I love ink sample comparisons. Thanks (on top!) for including them!

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  3. What another excellent review Laura! I did not realize they had light versions of the iron gall inks. Since almost all of my pens have stainless steel nibs, I’ve been wary of iron gall. I would rather use a nano/carbon ink, or Warden/bulletproof if I need extra resistance. But this is still an interesting ink, and I like the color. The only nano ink I have is Sailor-Kiwa guro, and I don’t leave it in my pen for long at all. (maybe a day or two more than a Warden ink) I can keep bulletproof inks in my pen longer. I can only think of one fully bulletproof only ink I have, and that is Lexington Gray.
    I am quite interested in KWZ inks. I look forward to seeing upcoming water resistant inks from them. These iron gall inks are pretty, but not tempting enough for me. Maybe in the future I will get a designated iron gall pen, and give it a go.

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