Ink Snippet: Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer

Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer writing sample

That photo above captures the blue-green color, and the marvelous shading, of Lake Michigan Summer. That’s the ink in a Pelikan with broad nib.

I’ve also been using Lake Michigan Summer in a Lamy Al-Star with medium nib, and here is a writing sample with that pen, on Rhodia.

Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer writing sample

It’s been an excellent performer in both pens. It’s nicely saturated and doesn’t need the width of a broad nib to look its best.

Lake Michigan Summer’s color is on the border between blue and green, but I think of it as a blue. Perhaps a robin’s egg blue, if I had to venture a description.

Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer writing sample

Actually, it may be easiest to see the blue of Lake Michigan Summer in conjunction with an ink that really is green. If you missed it yesterday, scroll down on this page, where Lake Michigan Summer is identified as a “mystery ink.”

Back on its own, here’s Lake Michigan Summer in the Pelikan with broad nib on Tomoe River paper. It looks greener on this cream-colored  background, but it’s still blue-green.

Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer writing sample

For me, Lake Michigan Summer has been fantastic on lower quality paper. Even in the broad nib Pelikan, the ink has hardly feathered.

Here is a writing sample on Staples Sustainable Earth legal pad paper, my everyday paper that isn’t fountain-pen friendly.

Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer writing sample

No feathering there.

Lake Michigan Summer has a color that’s a little tricky to convey in photographs, but I think it’s gorgeous — summery and full of light, without harshness.

The minute I inked it up it reminded me of Caran d’Ache Caribbean Sea, a sadly discontinued ink with many fans. Lake Michigan Summer is greener, but it’s got the same feeling, and similar shading.

Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer swabs comparison

Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer is limited to only 60 bottles, and available only at the Chicago Pen Show, from Friday, May 5. However, Papier Plume also has graciously agreed to give away one bottle through Fountain Pen Follies, which will be sent to whomever wins, even if you can’t be at the pen show. Watch the blog for that — it’s coming soon.

Meanwhile I’d love to hear what you think of Lake Michigan Summer in the comments.

22 thoughts on “Ink Snippet: Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer

  1. This reminds me a little of Herbin Vert Reseda, except this is more pigmented. Still shading, but the dark parts of the shading are deeper than with Vert Reseda. I like that! Reseda is a favourite of mine, but sometimes when I use it for notes (rather than headers and detailing) it can be a little too light to read easily, depending on the paper. This looks like it wouldn’t have that problem.

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      1. Do you want some Vert Reseda? I’d love for it to get another fan. It’s really pretty! I bought it at the same time as Cacao du Bresil and got Rose Cyclamen soon after, and as I tried out the inks I realised they all created this slightly 1950s palette. Great inks!

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  2. I think the color is gorgeous. It sort of reminds me of Diamine-Steel Blue too. Chrissy said Kaweco-Paradise Blue is close to that Caribbean Sea ink. I do love that color too. I really love the blue green, and green blue colors. I don’t know what it is, but I just LOVE THEM. Papier Plume has really been making some lovely colors. I’m quite impressed!

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