Pen of the Day: Lamy Safari Aquamarine with Robert Oster Bondi Blue

Robert Oster Bondi Blue writing sample

Lamy Safari Aquamarine with medium nib. I am perfectly aware that this colorful and fun plastic fountain pen made for middle schoolers is the pen that fountain pen collectors can’t abide, and can’t resist dissing. Because most of my pen friends are that way. To my face.

But I magnanimously forgive them, because they know not what they do. (Or, I secretly think, “pen snobs.” Guess which.)

Nonetheless the humble Safari is one of my favorite pen designs ever, and I think it’s one of the best pen designs ever. I use my many Safaris (and Al-Stars and Vistas) all the time, and while they aren’t perfect, they are pretty awesome to me.

Now, sadly, the Aquamarine limited edition came out in 2011, and is long sold out. This color has been so popular on the secondary market that it has been counterfeited and sells for crazy prices. So I suggest you not hunt for an Aquamarine. (Except for my Safari Hater friends, whom I urge to drop everything, spend whatever it takes, just get an Aquamarine because it will change your life. You deserve it. Xoxoxo.)

The rest of us should consider this year’s Al-Star in Pacific Blue instead. (It’s bright and attractive and also turquoise.) Or buy a regular Safari in any color. Because I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: paying premium prices for special Safaris makes no sense. Unless they have a ducky on top. Duh.

With the money you save, buy some awesome inks. Here’s one suggestion: Robert Oster Bondi Blue, a sample of which I’m now enjoying thanks to my awesome blog reader and fountain pen pal David.

Robert Oster Bondi Blue writing sample

I really like Bondi Blue. It’s a bright, fun color, with gorgeous shading, and obvious sheen potential. And best of all, for me, it totally rocks in a Safari. I’ve got Bondi Blue in two pens, because I’m going to review it, and it seems like a great Safari ink. It flows well in the Safari, which is not the case for every ink, and it looks its best in a Safari, also not the case for every ink.

Love my Safaris, love my Bondi Blue.

Robert Oster Bondi Blue writing sample


11 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Lamy Safari Aquamarine with Robert Oster Bondi Blue

    1. Blue is my favorite color, too. Amazingly, my friend in New Zealand sent this to me! Hopefully he chimes in with details. But on the Oster website I see a listing for Pen Classics New Zealand. Also, Oster has a lot of really beautiful blues. Bondi Blue is just the beginning. 🙂

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    2. That would be me, the fiend in New Zealand I mean. I acquired this ink directly from Robert Oster in Australia. Since he started I believe his delivery options have gone through a few changes. For instance, he used to sell on eBay for a while though not lately. I understand that the ink can obtained through Aussie sellers such as Notemaker. Yes, the shipping is a little irritating, but if you order a bunch of stuff it usually evens out. As for PenClassics… I heard that they have undergone a change in management. I have bought R&K ink from Rodger when he owned the site. Decent guy. The site doesn’t look as though it carries any Oster ink, but perhaps it may be worth reaching out to Rene Versteegh (new owner) about stocking this range? Sorry I cannot be more help. Glad you like this colour, Laura!

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  1. I love that Safari and ink. They were meant for each other.

    Wise words about forgoing a long sold out Safari and just pick up this year’s Al-star. It’s a gorgeous color. You can’t go wrong. I also encourage you to pick up the matching renamed Pacific ink if it isn’t in your ink stash. It’s a lovely color and I have kept it inked in my Al-star.

    I can’t wait to see you review this ink and Robert Oster Fire and Ice. I love my bottle of it. Maybe you could do a side by side of the two.

    Thanks for the chuckles and being candid about paying outrageous prices for LE long gone pens. I am with you- let’s just buy more ink.

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    1. My friend who gave me the sample of Fire and Ice actually added a sample of Lamy Pacific Blue/Turquoise. So I’m a lucky duck.

      I have to say the Al-Star in Pacific Blue really does look great in person. Even better than in photos, which look pretty great, too.

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  2. I really like the colour of the ink, and the colour of the pen. Sadly, I don’t have either. However, maybe I will search for one or the other? LOL I have a feeling the ink may be easier to find. 🙂

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    1. Dear Chris,

      I’m sure you’re teasing, but if not, seriously, everyone should forget the pen. It’s no better than any other current color, except that it’s worse because it’s over-priced and often counterfeited. I use mine, along with all the other LE Safaris, simply because I have them. Definitely buy ink instead. 🙂 Think of it this way: if everyone buys one current Safari and one new bottle of ink from Oster and KWZ (or whoever) this year, we’ll help keep these manufacturers in business and encourage them to continue to create new, interesting inks. Let’s support the makers and creators.

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      1. I agree. Keep them in business so we can continue to have great new stuff to review! (not to mention use and enjoy as well) I like the color of the pen, and the ink too!

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