New 2017 Lamy Al-Star Pacific


Thanks to Fontoplumo, we know the upcoming 2017 Lamy Al-Star will be this blue shade, called Pacific.

At first glimpse, I really like the color. It’s almost an Al-Star version of the no-longer-available Lamy Safari Aquamarine. Which is excellent.

I found this photo on Fontoplumo’s Twitter, which gives me the chance to say that Fontoplumo is another very nice store, from the Netherlands, from whom I’ve purchased before and will again. I’ve actually bought some of my Al-Stars and Safaris from Fontoplumo, because they have excellent prices and the European stores usually get the annual Safaris and Al-Stars first.


Photo from Fontoplumo Twitter, here

12 thoughts on “New 2017 Lamy Al-Star Pacific

  1. My new Pacific Blue just arrived and it is a tiny bit of a greener turquoise than just the pale blue of the photograph. The AL also gives it more of that Pacific Ocean depth. I just want to dive in. But then I am a blue/green person: no aversion to teal here. Or petrol.

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    1. Oh that’s good to know, thank you! This one looks so nice. I’m going to wait on this: either get both of them together, when I can find a good deal, or just buy the Pacific Blue and essentially stop my Safari collection.

      I have no aversion to teal either — I’m just not in love with the Petrol Safari, as it appear in photos. And, after so many years of lackluster (to me) releases, I find myself having to decide whether to keep going with the collection (and continue to buy them all) or whether to buy only the ones I like from now on. I have more than enough for writing purposes; you collect these things because either you are driven to collect (which I’m not) or you love the collection (an emotion I’m finding harder to sustain).


    1. I didn’t see an official reveal of the Safari. The photo I saw didn’t necessarily look real. Though it is teal. Note: poetry. 🙂

      But I didn’t read anything further — do you think it’s really the one?


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