Seventies Flashback: An Accidental Lamy Safari Tribute to Howard Johnson’s

Howard Johnson's Tribute Lamy Safaris and Al-Star

If you lived in America in the 1970s, and your family took road trips, you’ll see it, too. HoJo. The ubiquitous roadside motor lodge and restaurant chain, with the appalling but memorable color scheme of orange and aqua.

It was an innocent mistake. Like the start of a horror movie, when a bunch of teens are lost and tired, and the cranky one says, “Oh, let’s just stay in this abandoned house — who’s going to care?”

Uh huh. Exactly what happened here. I had three new inks to try, so I grabbed two Lamy Safaris and an Al-Star. They are favorites and good ink testing pens. And you can color-coordinate pen and ink.

I didn’t think twice. I filled KWZ Grapefruit in an Orange Safari, Robert Oster Bondi Blue in an Aquamarine Safari and KWZ Honey in a Pearl Al-Star. Three excellent inks!

Until I looked at the pens, standing there upright. “It’s coming from inside the house….”

9 thoughts on “Seventies Flashback: An Accidental Lamy Safari Tribute to Howard Johnson’s

  1. Not sure what that says about my taste, but I really like this color combination! Although it really needs the more subdued Pearl Al-Start to tie them together. I’d build a room out of that! Next Instagram trend?

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  2. Aah. I stayed in one on a trip to the States in ’95 while visiting Disneyland, Anaheim. I remember our swanky hire car and driving from LA Airport to Anaheim in the middle of the night after an 11 hour flight, in the days before sat nav. Not sure what pens I had with me but I would know what colours to pack next time!

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  3. Laura, you are quite right. You made me laugh. Howard Johnson’s was a big deal a long time ago. I don’t know what happened to them. That chain was all over the place. It was a rare treat to stay at a Howard Johnson’s, because my family rarely went on vacation. I think that is the place we stayed in Lafayette, LA. I got one of the worst sunburns of my life at their swimming pool. My mother put Noxzema on it. (before Aloe Vera gel was the standard) I tan easily, but have to get through the first burn or two to get a baseline going. Maybe that is where I got my love of blue and orange combos…lol.
    I happen to like those colors very much, in your pen cup. It almost makes me want to order those 2 pens, I like them colors so much.

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      1. You guys are convincing me. Also, my memories of their ice cream. We never stayed at the hotel — probably too pricey, I suppose — but I do remember the ice cream. 🙂


  4. I’ve been reading your posts everyday for the past two years and this post today is my favorite. A brilliant accident and a keen observation. I think I have to go buy those two pens now.

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