Another Ink Snippet: Aurora Blue Black From a Broad Nib

Aurora Blue Black writing sample

Here we go: Aurora Blue Black, size large.

We’ve already seen Aurora Blue Black in a (normal to me) Aurora Optima with fine nib. And from the wispiest of nibs, a Lamy 2000 extra-fine. To see what Papa Bear makes of the ink, I pulled out a Montblanc with broad nib.

Aurora Blue Black writing sample

8 thoughts on “Another Ink Snippet: Aurora Blue Black From a Broad Nib

  1. Well my Aurora- Blue Black showed up today. I couldn’t stand it, I had to get a bottle. I really like it. I put it in a fine nib, which is actually closer to an extra fine. It wrote like a dream. Weird though because the blue black is not as dark as your photos. It must be my pen. Mine looks predominately blue with black shading. I will know more after I try this in other pens. I did lightly shake the bottle before filling, I do that with every ink.

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    1. Thanks for that report! I love that, being a blue fan. I wonder if your fine nib is on the dry side, so that brings out the blue? To me, that’s better than bringing out more gray, which is what Graf von Faber-Castell Midnight Blue did for me in a thinner, drier pen — which is the only thing I don’t love about that excellent ink.

      I have to say that I continue to love Aurora Blue Black for work, and I have kept it in my Optima demonstrator because that looks like the perfect match for me. I haven’t even tried it in any other pens. I’m so glad to hear from people who have. 🙂


      1. Laura, the pen isn’t what I’d call on the dry side at all. It just writes a very narrow line, but it seems fairly wet for such a fine line. This is a fine nib, that writes the line width that would be closer to an extra fine, I think. I will know more when I ink this up in another pen. I will write with it in a little bit, and see if it still writes predominately blue. The paper I used was a Rhodia dot pad. Now on the 20# copy paper, it looked like a darker blue, with no shading at all. I will test the pen on some different paper today. I had to go to a friend’s house after I inked the pen, so I didn’t give it the testing right away, that I normally do.

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    2. Alright, I tried the ink in a stub nib. My results this time were very similar to your results. (maybe a little lighter) The color light/darkness looks different on different paper too. I used the stub nib to write in the ink journal, which happens to be a Tomoe River journal. I was surprised to see some sheen. It did not sheen on a Rhodia dot pad for me. But it was certainly there on the Tomoe River paper. It seemed to remind me of Diamine-Midnight in a way. But I also thought of Oxford Blue. It is similar to Oxford Blue, but darker. Both were heavy shading inks on Tomoe River paper. I also think Aurora-Blue Black is on the wet side. I do not think it is as lubricated as the Aurora-Black. Still it is a great ink, and I love it. Another thing I noticed, it performed well on less than stellar paper, more so than most of my inks, when I used a fine nib.

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  2. Laura, I never expected you to do this. You have knocked the reviews out of the park today on the Aurora- Blue Black. Now, I am convinced for sure. I MUST have a bottle of this ink. Your broader nib was the final incentive for me to get this ink. (and asap too) Bravo! I usually think a little more blue is nice, but in this case, I can definitely make an exception. 🙂

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