Aurora Is Coming Out With A New Ink: Aurora Blue Black

Aurora Blue Black Ink

Ink fans, great news. Aurora is bringing out a new ink: Aurora Blue Black.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Aurora pens, and also of their two inks. Aurora now offers Aurora Blue and Aurora Black, two excellent inks that I use often. In fact they are the only inks I’ll trust in my Aurora Optima demonstrators. Aurora inks flow well, look great and are safe and easy to clean.

So what could be better than extending the Aurora ink line and adding a Blue Black? Nothing! Aurora Blue Black looks dark, and really appealing to me. If it has the same characteristics as its two parents, it should be beautifully behaved. I’m looking forward to it.

I don’t actually know when Aurora Blue Black will be for sale. I’m not sure if this is public information yet. My Aurora dealer is Dan Smith, the Nibsmith, and all he would tell me is that he’ll have Aurora Blue Black for sale as soon as it’s out.

Hey, though, one last thing. Feel free to post the news elsewhere, but if you do so, please do the fair thing: either link to this post or mention Fountain Pen Follies. That’s what I do, and I’d appreciate the same courtesy.

10 thoughts on “Aurora Is Coming Out With A New Ink: Aurora Blue Black

        1. You know I love you. Does it seem horrible that I am also just a teensy bit jealous of you right now? 🙂

          It’s like, “Have a great time!” (Waves enthusiastically, then turns head, to hide the tears welling up.)


          1. It’s just a pen show. Your great Chicago show is only a couple of months away. Then I’ll be the one with glistening eyelashes…

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