The Sixth Day of Holiday Ink: Aurora Blue


On the sixth day of Holiday ink, I’m going back to blue.

You know how most of us have holiday traditions?  Our Christmas Eve features a traditional Swedish dinner.  That’s how it was growing up, so that’s how it remains.

And in that same spirit, I am pulling out a longtime favorite blue ink, Aurora Blue.  Happy holidays, to one and all.  Bring out something that makes you feel connected to your family and your youth, and share it with friends and the next generation.

4 thoughts on “The Sixth Day of Holiday Ink: Aurora Blue

  1. I make the meatballs and buy the rest.

    I do not go to Ikea. I’ve reached an age where “assembly required” is greeted with the same enthusiasm as lutfisk

    I did own a Volvo for 17 years. 🙂


    1. Swedish meatballs, pickled herring, Swedish cheese, lingonberries and some other goodies. Real Swedes may eat normal food instead, but our half-Swedish American family goes for the most Swedish food possible. However, we do draw the line at lutfisk. 🙂


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