Pen of the Day: Edison Custom Herald with KWZ Hunter Green


Edison Custom Herald ebonite with KWZ Hunter Green ink

Edison Custom Herald with medium nib. Here’s an old favorite pen of mine, a custom Herald by Edison in a gorgeous green-brown ebonite, with silver-colored clip and nib.

This custom Herald has a medium 18k nib, set to Edison’s usual juicy flow, which really shows off any ink. Right now I’m using it with a new-to-me ink, KWZ Hunter Green.

Edison Custom Herald ebonite with KWZ Hunter Green ink

Hunter Green is khaki, but it’s fairly saturated, and with a wetter writer like this Edison, Hunter Green can look very dark indeed. Which I like. But the color is, of course, lighter in pens with less ink flow.

Shading is minimal. Here’s a writing sample of Hunter Green.

KWZ Hunter Green ink writing sample

5 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Edison Custom Herald with KWZ Hunter Green

  1. Oh they have dye based ink. Hmm…I did not know that. I may have to take a peek and see that line up. I enjoy samples, and never seem to tire of them. I have seen lots of KWZ ink posts, and I have seen some lovely ink. Thanks Laura. I feel an order coming up very soon!

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  2. The pen is absolutely gorgeous. I bet it is heavenly to write with. I haven’t tried a KWZ ink yet. I am a little afraid of them. But they do seem pretty!

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    1. I understand being cautious — I know I am. But my opinion is that the only thing to be afraid of with KWZ is that you’ll fall in love with their inks and want to buy too many. Like me. 🙂

      KWZ makes three kinds of inks: permanent (which don’t interest me), iron gall, and regular dye-based. (Hunter Green is a dye-based ink.) I’ve used a lot of KWZ from both the iron gall and dye-based lineup, and the ones I’ve tried have been low-maintenance, easy to clean, and easy on pens. For me, KWZ ranks with Montblanc (non-permanent) and J. Herbin (non-1670) among inks in that regard. I’m not saying there isn’t a KWZ ink out there that’s high maintenance. I’m just saying, I haven’t found it yet. 🙂


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