Inks Chris Bought in 2016

Parker Quink Emerald Green

Here are the inks I purchased in 2016, by brand. My total is 37. I recently bought a mixed box of inks on eBay that contained one ink I really wanted, plus a few others that I didn’t. This increased my count, as I haven’t sold any of those that I don’t want to keep yet.

Caran d’Ache: (3) Caribbean Sea, Divine Pink, and Electric Orange.  The chance to buy a second bottle of Caribbean Sea was the reason why I purchased the mixed box. The other two were at a really low price on Amazon UK. (Editor’s Note: The other two totally slay.)

Graf von Faber-Castell: (2) Royal Blue and Black. Both in my mixed box. I definitely won’t keep the black because I never write with black ink.

Lamy: (1) Dark Lilac. This brings my number of Lamy inks up to two. I bought it because it was a Limited Edition

Levenger: (6) I bought five from Levenger at the same time because they were on offer. Blazing Sunset, Cardinal Red, Cobalt Blue, Skies of Blue and True Teal, then a friend sold me a bottle of Pomegranate. That was one that I really wanted and I was very grateful to get it.

Levenger Ink bottles

Montblanc: (5) Montblanc for BMW, Corn Poppy Red, Golden Yellow, Racing Green, William Shakespeare Velvet Red. Somehow I found the Racing Green on eBay at a time when no-one else seemed to be looking. (Editor’s Note:  Ooh, care to trade a sample of that overlooked green one?)

Noodler’s: (1) VMail Burma Road Brown This is the only bottle of Noodler’s ink that I’ve ever purchased.

Omas: (2) Blue and Orange. I was advised that Omas Blue in the black box is an excellent blue, and I haven’t seen orange available anywhere else.

Parker: (4) Penman Emerald, Mocha and Ruby, plus a vintage Quink Emerald Green in a lovely old bottle. All very cheap. I bought the vintage Emerald Green mainly for the bottle.

Pelikan: (4) Pelikan Edelstein Amber, Jade and Turmaline, 4001 Royal Blue. The Jade and 4001 Royal Blue were both in my mixed box. I doubled up on P.E. Amber and Turmaline so I now have two bottles of each of those inks of the year.

Pilot-Iroshizuku: (1) Ama-iro I was looking for a light blue and this fits the bill.

Sailor: (5) Jentle Blue, Epinard, Kin-mokusei, Rikyu-cha, Waka-uguisu. I also traded for Grenade and Oriental Blue LE so they weren’t purchased and aren’t included in my count.

Sheaffer: (1) Skrip Red I bought this via a marketplace seller on Amazon as the price is increasing due to the possibility it might be discontinued. I use it with Waterman Tender Purple to make Binder Burgundy.

Visconti: (2) Blue plus a glass bottle of Bordeaux Red. I saw the glass bottles on eBay and bought four as a group buy.

Visconti Ink

I bought the last two packs of Levenger Pomegranate cartridges on, and I also bought two packs of Levenger Cocoa cartridges. However, because of some complications, Amazon refunded me for all of them, so I’m not counting them here.

Like Laura I’ve already decided against the new Montblanc LE ink Miles Davis Blue — it looks nice enough but I don’t really need it. I haven’t decided yet whether to buy the Lucky Orange though. (Editor’s Note: Oh, go ahead. It’s Montblanc.)

Last year, when I counted up my inks purchased, I wasn’t really surprised at how many I had bought. I’m also not surprised at how many I have purchased this year either. I think I’m as addicted to inks as I am to pens. I can only spend the money once, so if I spend it on inks, then I don’t spend it on pens. To be honest I don’t really need any more pens. It leaves me more to spend on inks.

(Editor’s Note: Sounds sensible. Then if you intentionally forget half….)

Montblanc Racing Green bottle

4 thoughts on “Inks Chris Bought in 2016

  1. Chrissy, your ink list is amazing. Some of them I’m downright jealous on for sure…lol. I started out with one pen, thinking I might get one more. Now I have several. I started out with 3 bottles of ink, untried. Then an enabler sent me what she called an ink bomb. (bunch of samples) Well that ignited the ink craze. Now I can’t stop sampling. You have a few I always wanted, but they aren’t found easily. You also have some that I hope to try in the future. I enjoy your reviews, and try to see every one. I had a couple of paper enablers send me stuff too. Now I have a good supply of different fountain pen friendly paper. I listen to what people say about stuff, and make notes on things that interest me. Some of them end up on a wish list. Sounds to me like you did very well on your ink search for 2016!!!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 I think I have a passion for looking for inks as well as buying them. Some are easier to find than others. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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