First Look: Diamine Shimmering Inks

Diamine Shimmering Inks writing sample

Here is a quick look at some of the newer Diamine shimmer inks. A friend very nicely sent me these, and I’ve been using them with broader nibs. That’s Blue Flame with a broad architect’s nib ground by Dan Smith, Moon Dust from a 1.1 mm stub, and Firestorm Red and Inferno Orange in regular broad nibs.

These are nice enough inks, but they don’t strike me as “must haves,” at least for my normal fountain pen use. I’ll talk about why, after the jump.

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5 thoughts on “First Look: Diamine Shimmering Inks

  1. You could possibly blame me for Moondust. This was first sent to me to test as a ‘possible’ shimmer ink. I loved it, but maybe others didn’t, so, sadly it didn’t make the first final 10. I had the last bit of what Diamine had mixed, just because I liked it. Now Diamine have officially added it to the range in the second batch. Mine must be the earliest incarnation, ‘less wet’ or possibly ‘thinner’. However, I still like it as a silver ink. 🙂

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  2. The part about them being inks for a special occasion really put these ink into perspective for me. I have been itching to try a couple of them, but what was holding me back- were they inks I would use in an every day kind of way. So for the time being, I will pass on purchasing any bottles and pick up a sample or two for fun.

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    1. Samples are a great way to enjoy these. FWIW, my favorite J. Herbin 1670s are Caroube de Chypre (quieter) and Emerald of Chivor (spectacular). In the Diamine line, I adored Blue Pearl, and I really liked a lot of the others from the first Shimmering batch, including Golden Sands, Shimmering Seas and Night Sky. I haven’t tried them since they’ve been made more lubricated, however.

      I write a lot for work, but with the work I do, the special shimmer quality is entirely wasted. But they work well in letter writing. And I bet they would really jazz up a grocery or to-do list. 🙂


  3. Excellent review. From your pictures it didn’t look like the inks shade very well. They are pretty as you say…but I doubt if I buy one in the future. The only glittery ink I have still is Emerald of Chivor. I adore that ink on Tomoe River paper. I did really like Brandy Dazzle from Diamine though. But I found I liked other inks a little better.

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