Ink Snippet: Montblanc Golden Yellow

Montblanc Golden Yellow ink

Montblanc Golden Yellow. Liquid happiness.

This just arrived from Montblanc, brightening up a rainy day.

I love the sunshine orange of the bottled ink, but this ink is not orange: Montblanc Golden Yellow really is a yellow, and a golden yellow at that.

Montblanc Golden Yellow ink

The color reminds me of a glistening egg yolk. It’s deep and warm.

I’ve got mine in a Montblanc 146 with broad nib. The ink seems to have good flow, but it is  a yellow ink, so not very dark. I wanted the wider nib.

Montblanc Golden Yellow ink writing sample
I am a fan of shading inks, and I love the shading of this ink.

Golden Yellow is not eye-searing or overly bright, and it seems to have a slightly orange tint. But it’s still yellow, so this is probably not the color for writing a note to your boss. But what a happy color.

Montblanc Golden Yellow ink writing sample

Golden Yellow looks like it could sheen, perhaps, but rainy weather here makes it impossible for me to know. And I suspect any sheen would be very subtle.

Montblanc Golden Yellow ink writing sample

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