Kaweco AL-Sport Fountain Pen in Light Blue

Kaweco AL-Sport Light Blue

Light Blue is the newest color in the Kaweco AL-Sport lineup. The AL-Sport is one of my favorite pens, blue is my favorite color and so I couldn’t resist.

Kaweco AL-Sport Light Blue

It’s an ice blue that looks silvery in some lights. The look is extra sleek. The finish feels textured or powdered. But the Light Blue sparkles and dazzles in the light.

Kaweco AL-Sports

So, I have four AL-Sports now: the Stonewashed in black, the Grey, the Light Blue and the raw aluminum.

The AL-Sport has my favorite steel nib (by a mile), comfortable weight and size, and a look I love. But it’s also my Green Eggs and Ham pen: it took me forever to try an AL-Sport, because the aluminum models are pricier than the plastic Sports, and I had heard bad things about metal pens. Silly rumors, so wrong.

Kaweco AL-Sport Light Blue

Now that I have four, I have an urge to rank mine.

1. Raw Aluminum. Pure form. Shiny. And it proudly shows the scuffs and marks of use.

2. Light Blue. Chic, ice blue, textured, gorgeous.

3. Black Stonewashed. The one that looks so cool, non-pen people ask about it.

4. Grey. Understated, smooth and restrained. And mine has a great medium nib.

Kaweco AL-Sports

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