Pen Review: Kaweco AL-Sport Stonewashed


Kaweco loaned me this  AL-Sport in Black Stonewashed finish, and it’s another knockout in the AL-Sport line.  I’ve now tried two, and found them so fantastic that I’m almost afraid to try any more.

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3 thoughts on “Pen Review: Kaweco AL-Sport Stonewashed

  1. The AL-Sport feels like a precision tool, one that lasts a lifetime. I think the sticker shock for some people comes in comparing it to the Classic Sport’s price, but for what you get here it’s quite reasonable. You can’t imagine this pen breaking.

    Great review!

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    1. It might be worth trying them, but I understand the concern: they are about the size of the Pelikan M200, which is a smaller pen. However, the AL-Sports are heavier, and I think that’s why they are more comfortable for me than the M200. In the review of the aluminum AL-Sport, there’s a photo of the AL-Sport next to an M200.

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