Field Notes “Lunacy” Edition: Things I Like (A Lot)

Field Notes Lunacy

It was, coincidentally, just a few days ago that I wrote a post about Field Notes, attractive little memo books that, sadly, a lot of fountain pen users avoid or are disappointed by, because the paper is often/usually not fountain-pen friendly. (Though I love them, and use them, even with fountain pens.)

But time for an update, because the hot-off-the-presses Field Notes limited edition Lunacy is very cool and very fountain-pen friendly.

Mine just arrived today. I subscribe to these from Field Notes, which don’t tell my husband about. As you can see, subscribers get four of the Lunacy. The one furthest to the left, which is only for subscribers, has a plain black cover. The other three are part of the limited edition pack that anyone can purchase. But those are the best anyway. Because die-cut covers.

The cover paper is a thick, stippled black that seems to have a coated finish. Black staples  bind the notebook. The front covers are a set of three different die-cut moons: a full moon, a half moon and this really thin sliver of moon (which probably has a name but I’m not exactly Mr. Science here).

Field Notes Lunacy

Right after the cover is a page featuring a photo of the moon.

Field Notes Lunacy

So, when the notebook cover is closed the moon photo shows through the die-cut moon opening (here, of course, the “tiny moon”).

Field Notes Lunacy

That “Field Notes” on the front cover is embossed. And the back is not neglected either. The back cover features an embossed full moon. A photo of the dark side of the moon precedes the back cover, mirroring the presentation of the front cover followed by moon photo. Because this is Field Notes, all of the full moons — front cover, back cover and in the two photographs — are the same size and in the same location.

Since it’s a moon-oriented edition, much moon trivia awaits the reader. The only fact I (not Mr. Science) noted and remember is that being on the moon seems excellent for weight loss.

Field Notes Lunacy interior

Diet Plan B.

But this is the paper, for all you thin, disciplined fountain pen users. It’s gray in color, sort of like dot paper, except with pluses instead of dots. It’s 60 pounds (my weight on the moon), and it seems great for fountain pens. No feathering, and a reasonable dry time, too.

Field Notes Lunacy paper

This gripping photo, below, shows the “dark side” of that page. I mean, there’s absolutely nothing to see here. Because there is absolutely no showthrough or bleedthrough. So use both sides of the page as you wish.

Field Notes Lunacy paper

I think the Lunacy is my favorite Field Notes limited edition in a long time. Excellent name. Die-cut paper. Embossing. Cool black covers. Black staples! So if it appeals, it might be worth checking out, even for the diehard fountain pen fan and Field Notes agnostic/apostate.

Now let me just add something here at the bottom, for readers who get this far. Well, first, thank you both. Even though you must be relatives, which means I probably did grumble behind your back once about that time you got drunk at Christmas/did something I didn’t like at some point. But your current devotion/boredom is appreciated.

I am a Field Notes subscriber and buyer. So I pay for my Field Notes. I have zero connection to the Field Notes folks, despite their temptingly close Chicago headquarters. Of course I would love it if Field Notes sent over the mythical Field Notes Truck (imagine a Good Humor truck, but with paper products) to shower me with free items. Or if the Field Notes Directorate invited me to visit the team at Field Notes World Headquarters and realized I would be perfect for a highly-compensated post of “idea man” and chocolate taster.

However, for some reason none of that has happened. At least not yet, right? No, I’m just writing this because I like the Lunacy, and think you might, too. Although now that I’ve simultaneously thought up my dream job, while neglecting my real job, it’s been so worth it.

Field Notes Lunacy

11 thoughts on “Field Notes “Lunacy” Edition: Things I Like (A Lot)

  1. My notebooks came in today, and I am thrilled. So far I’ve tried 3 different pens with it. No problems at all. Thanks again for the blog note on these!! 🙂

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  2. I think the thin moon phase here is usually called a crescent moon.

    Thanks for the review! I’ve wanted to try out Field Notes since I heard about them, but read that most of their products weren’t very fountain pen friendly. Reading here that this edition does play well with fountain pens, I decided to order a set. It should be arriving soon, and then I’ll get to try out their paper first-hand. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. The Moon phases are also named on a diagram on what I guess is page 2 (the white one on the back of the moon picture that shows through the cover).

        I got my notebooks a little while ago, but didn’t try one until recently, and I can confirm that these are fountain pen friendly. There’s basically no show-through at all. A pen I recently filled even dripped onto the paper and it took me a few seconds (I guess) to grab a paper towel and dry it up. That spot is about as big as one square of the grid the reticle grid marks out, and it’s only lightly visible through the back of the paper. That’s pretty good, if you ask me. In a way, it’s too bad the notebooks are so small (only 24 sheets, 48 pages).

        Also, I think your description of the paper is a off a bit. Going by the specs in the back of the notebook, the grayish paper that make up almost all of the notebook is 60 pounds. I think it’s the white paper that’s fully printed and thus not really usable for note-taking is the 70 pound paper, but you can check and confirm.

        Thanks again for the review.

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  3. Aw nuts! You Americans get all the nice stuff. I asked the Field Notes people one time if I could subscribe from overseas and they said no. Damn their britches! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That must have been a long time ago because I’m from abroad too and they allow me to subscribe…pay for postage once and they deliver 4x. Good deal if you really love Field Notes.

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