First Impressions: Nanami Paper Seven Seas Writer Journal

Nanami Paper The Writer Journal

So this is the Writer from Nanami Paper, which is going to be a journal for me.

After Christmas, of course.

Now, I am far from a journal expert. I’m not even a real journal writer. The Writer made it onto my Christmas list because I’m doing a project involving journals, and I need to learn something about them. But the Writer is very appealing.

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A Christmas Present That the Fountain Pens Will Enjoy

Nanami Paper The Writer Journal

Before I let made my husband wrap my fountain-pen related Christmas present, I leafed through it, and I took a few photos. Because I get the mail first.

Nanami Paper The Writer Journal

This is paper, which isn’t something I usually consider a gift. But I’m doing a project on journals and I thought I could get a good one, or at least a premium one, to see what that’s all about.

Nanami Paper The Writer Journal

It’s pretty good looking, I have to say.

Field Notes “Lunacy” Edition: Things I Like (A Lot)

Field Notes Lunacy

You know what really is lunacy? Being so busy you have no time for breakfast or saying anything more than “bye” to your family, but putting everything down for a bit because the new installment of your Field Notes quarterly subscription has just arrived. In this case, good decision.

The new Field Notes quarterly limited edition is called Lunacy, and it’s really a good one. Even for fountain pen users, who sometimes are left out of the Field Notes fan base.

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Wheat Straw Paper: Yes, It Sheens

sheen of Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu on Step Forward wheat straw paper

When I blogged yesterday about my new Step Forward wheat straw paper, a reader asked whether it shows sheen. I wasn’t sure; I’d been seeing some, but not a huge amount. And part of that has been due to our cloudy, rainy weather. And part of that is I don’t have a sheening ink in a wet pen right now.

But I have good news. Yesterday afternoon, for a brief few minutes, the sun burst through. And so did the sheen. That first photo shows Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu, an evergreen ink with a lot of sheen, on the Step Forward wheat straw paper.

Here it is on the edge of the little notebook, where I fortuitously had wiped off a messy nib.

sheen of Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu on Step Forward wheat straw paper

I don’t think the wheat straw paper is necessarily a power sheener, like Tomoe River paper. But it’s good to know that if you put enough ink down, and it’s the right ink, there will be sheen.

More Inexpensive Fountain Pen-Friendly Paper: Wheat Straw Printer Paper

Step Forward Wheat Straw paper

Okay, I am not someone who delves deeply into the paper end of the fountain pen hobby, admittedly, but I was surprised by this one. Wheat straw paper?

Yes: wheat straw has been turned into paper.  Initially, this was puzzling. But my dad used to eat shredded wheat cereal for breakfast. That stuff definitely tasted like paper.

Thus, wheat straw paper. It works nicely with fountain pen inks, appears to be better for the environment than regular paper, and it’s inexpensive. So I’m going to give this a try.

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Found Some Inexpensive Fountain-Pen Friendly Spiral Notebooks

Mead 70 Sheet Spiral Notebook

Back-to-school time is the most wonderful time of the year for those of us who are parents of teenagers. Our beloved progeny will once again be occupied for at least seven hours every weekday, in a building somewhere else, under the supervision of someone else.  Thank you, compulsory state education.

Also, school supplies are on sale! I always try to pick up some low-price paper when the superstores and office supply stores bring it in at low prices. This year I tried some Mead 70-sheet spiral notebooks made in the USA, on sale at Target for $3 for four notebooks.

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