Pen Case Review: Kaweco Traveler Case

Kaweco Traveler Case size comparison

The new Kaweco Traveler case fills a need for Kaweco Sport users.  The Sport is a small fountain pen when capped, which makes it seem perfect to carry around. But ironically, the Sport is so compact that it actually doesn’t fit well in my usual pen cases.

My single-pen cases are made for larger pens — as are the two-pen cases I have. A conventional large zippered pen case that I have for 24 pens, below, does work — barely. But there’s a lot of wasted space.

pen case

Even a standard-size cloth pen wrap isn’t ideal. Kaweco Sports almost get lost in there.

pen wrap

Into the breach comes the Traveler case. Made by Kaweco, the Traveler is a leather case with elastic slots for six pens, and a mesh pocket for accessories. Kaweco loaned me the Traveler Case for this review, and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now.

Kaweco Traveller Pen Case

The things I love about the Traveler case are the size, the look and feel, and the attention to detail in the design.

First the size. When zipped, it measures a mere 6 inches tall by 4 12 inches wide, and its maximum thickness is about 1 and 14 inches.

While compact on the outside, the Traveler case fits a lot inside. The best thing for me is that while the Traveler is perfect for Kaweco Sport pens, it also accommodates other pens. Most of my standard-size pens fit: a full-size Sailor Professional Gear, a Kaweco Dia2, a Lamy Safari or Al-Star (just barely), a Parker 51, and more. The Traveler case takes my Pelikan fountain pens from M200 through M600.

Kaweco Traveller Pen Case

The Traveler does not work for large pens: a Montblanc LeGrand is too long, and Aurora Optimas are a little chubby. But Kaweco didn’t make the Traveler case for large pens. It’s designed for Kaweco Sports. So I think it’s great that the Traveler also fits standard-size pens.

There’s a mesh pocket on one side of the case interior, which fits accessories like cartridges nicely. Kaweco would probably blanch, but it even fits a few extra pens, in a pinch.

Kaweco Traveler Case interior

The case’s look and feel is nice. The outside leather is soft, and almost suede-like, with a finish that distresses with wear and shows marks of use. That’s different than the conventional pebbled or smooth leather of my 24-pen zippered cases. It’s got a nice leather scent, too.

Inside, the case is lined with a soft synthetic fabric, with an attached sheet that divides the pen side from the pocket side. This photo shows the divider pulled down a little, so you can see the pens.

Kaweco Traveler Case interior

I get the feeling that the Traveler case has been designed by people who use and care about fountain pens. For one, look at the placement of the elastic loops. There’s room between the outer pen loops and the zippered edges of the Traveler case.

Kaweco Traveler Case interior

The two outermost pen slots are placed at least 14 inch away from the zipper. That means I can use all six slots without worrying about scratching the pens. In my economy pen cases, in contrast, the outermost slots are placed right against the zippers.

pen case interior with Kaweco Sports

I would not zip that cheaper pen case closed with a pen in an outer slot.

And look at the Traveler’s spine, which is straight, or squared like a paperback book spine. This photo shows the Traveler case’s spine compared to that of my 24-pen case.

Kaweco Traveler Case spine

So the Traveler is a smaller case, but it provides more height at the spine and thus more room inside. That lets you fit more things into the webbed pocked without mashing it all. Smaller case, but more protection for what’s inside.

The only reservation I have about the Traveler case is its price. It’s new, and I haven’t seen it listed in many places yet, but one US retailer is showing it at $118, and one in the UK at £90.50. For comparison, there’s another brand making a six-pen zippered leather case selling between $50 and $75. Now, I haven’t tried that other case, but its dimensions are bigger, and it looks more like the 24-pen zippered cases I have now. But that is a more budget option.

I think what the Traveler has is excellent quality, with good materials and workmanship. The soft leather looks good; the stitching is even, and the zipper pull is large and closes smoothly. Having taken the Traveler case out and about, it’s a case that people notice. So it does have a premium feel to go along with its rather high price.

Kaweco Traveler Case

In fact I’m considering buying one.  The decision would be a no-brainer at a lower price, in fact. It’s been so useful to have a case this size. The Traveler fits neatly inside a purse or briefcase, and it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

Kaweco Traveler Case

Yet even with such a compact form factor, the Traveler is designed to fit a lot inside. I pulled these out of it one day.

Kaweco Traveller Pen Case

For me it’s an excellent case: it looks great, and it’s very well-designed for pen users. Not only is it the first case I’ve tried that really works for my Kaweco Sport pens, it works well for my regular pens, too.

14 thoughts on “Pen Case Review: Kaweco Traveler Case

  1. I finally gave in and ordered this case, and I’m not sorry. I like to carry my Kaweco Liliputs and AL Sports with me, and it protects them very nicely. Besides being a perfect size for Kaweco pens, it also fits my Pelikan M300s. I like the tighter elastics; they hold onto the smaller-diameter pens firmly. On some of the cases made for larger pens, the elastics are too big around to hold my mini fountain pens. I also like the little mesh-covered section to bring extra cartridges in. As a pen collector with very small hands, I collect lots of minis, so this case worked out perfectly for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great to hear! I really love it, too. You’re right that it’s nice to have a case made for smaller pens, since they often don’t fit right in larger cases. But it also fits most of my regular-size pens, too. And I love being able to carry it in a larger bag without worrying, since it gives the pens a lot of protection.


    1. Thanks for that, Kelly. I actually asked them about the leather but never heard back, so that’s great to know. My impression using it is exactly that: it looks and feels higher end.


  2. Thanks. That is very helpful. That is the main reason I don’t like zippered cases, because the zippers wear out. YKK are not that expensive. For the price of this case, one would think that is what they used. I loved seeing the Dia2 and some other pens besides Sport fit in that case. Thank you Laura. I adore your blog!!

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  3. Outstanding review. I love the case. I am not a fan of zippers for a pen case though. But for a traveling pen case, it is perfect. (or for your purse!) I like the look of the case, and the design is excellent. Did this have a YKK zipper?

    Liked by 1 person

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