More Inexpensive Fountain Pen-Friendly Paper: Wheat Straw Printer Paper

Step Forward Wheat Straw paper

Okay, I am not someone who delves deeply into the paper end of the fountain pen hobby, admittedly, but I was surprised by this one. Wheat straw paper?

Yes: wheat straw has been turned into paper.  Initially, this was puzzling. But my dad used to eat shredded wheat cereal for breakfast. That stuff definitely tasted like paper.

Thus, wheat straw paper. It works nicely with fountain pen inks, appears to be better for the environment than regular paper, and it’s inexpensive. So I’m going to give this a try.

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14 thoughts on “More Inexpensive Fountain Pen-Friendly Paper: Wheat Straw Printer Paper

  1. Is this the line that is being hawked by Matt Armstrong of The Pen Habit? And… regarding the less smooth feeling, is this a texture or weave element? Okay, it’s a two-fer one day! Neat find. 🙂

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    1. Hi David. That’s a good question. There’s no weave. I wouldn’t even say there’s texture. It’s basically just like any other printer or copy paper. It just doesn’t seem as smooth, subjectively, as my 24 pound Hammermill, all-tree paper. And neither of those printer papers is as smooth as Rhodia or Clairefontaine.

      Happily, the wheat straw paper passes my most serious smoothness test: it handles a Sailor fine nib with aplomb.


    1. Check stock online first, though. Mine didn’t have it in-store. But Staples will always send it to your store for pickup, if your order doesn’t qualify for free delivery. They seem to be carrying a lot of Rhodia products, too.

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    1. Unfortunately, I already cleaned out my wettest pen with the sheeniest ink. And it’s been storming or cloudy here since the paper arrived. But so far, the answer is “sort of” — sheen is possible, but I don’t see very much.

      I see a bit of red sheen from Souten, Sky High and Tokiwa-Matsu, when I hold the paper at an angle. Much less than Tomoe River paper. But more than my regular printer paper, which shows absolutely none.

      I’d be happy to send out a few sheets of the paper, if you don’t mind it being folded to fit in the envelope. Just contact me up above. That goes for anyone who’s interested.


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