Pen Snippet: Platinum Classic Maki-e Fountain Pen

Platinum Classic Maki-e fountain pen

This is the Platinum Classic Maki-e Fountain Pen from Pen Chalet that I’ve been using recently. It’s such a pretty pen, with such a great nib.

Pen Chalet very nicely gave this to me so we can give it away to a blog reader. Before we do that, though, I’ve been putting it through its paces. And I wanted to highlight the pen a little, now that I’ve been using it for a month.

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2 thoughts on “Pen Snippet: Platinum Classic Maki-e Fountain Pen

  1. It’s a lovely design. I don’t know anything about maki-e, so how durable is the finish? I mean if a pen like this gets a lot of use does it wear away the artwork?

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    1. I’m not sure myself. I have been putting it into the pen cup with other pens, and pulling it out like normal. I’ve been using it and placing it down on the table, and carrying it around, just like any other pen. I haven’t seen any change in the Maki-e. The photos don’t show anything either.

      I don’t think I’d post this pen, though.


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