Pen of the Day: Pelikan M205 Transparent Blue

Pelikan Classic M205 Transparent Blue Demonstrator with writing sample

Pelikan M205 Transparent Blue with fine nib. It’s full name seems to be the “Classic M205 Demonstrator Transparent Blue Special Edition” which certainly is a mouthful. But that does say it all. The pen is blue, it’s a demonstrator and it has chrome-plated trim.

Despite some internal struggle, I just had to have it. And it really looks great.

Pelikan Classic M205 Transparent Blue Demonstrator

As you can see from that photo above, the piston is black, but the spindle and other fittings are a lighter color — beige or gray. That makes the assembly less obtrusive, but still visible. I like Pelikan’s attention to detail there.

The only things I don’t love about this pen, and I knew both going in, are the Pelikan steel nib and the pen’s light weight. There’s nothing to do about the weight, since I don’t like writing with the pen posted. But as for the nib, because it’s a Pelikan I can swap in other nibs. And maybe I’ll have the steel nib stubbed or something. As we say in Chicago, “I know a guy.”

But, the look of the pen, I just love.

Pelikan Classic M205 Transparent Blue Demonstrator

2 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Pelikan M205 Transparent Blue

  1. You know, I’m not sure why I don’t like them. They just don’t work for my handwriting, or how I hold the pen, I guess. I’ve had modern M200 nibs in extra-fine, medium and now fine, and I just haven’t enjoyed any of them. Some people love them, though.

    Do you have the not–really-a-demonstrator M605 Marine Blue? 🙂


  2. You finally got yours, too. Congratulations.
    The M205ers are really light, though for me it’s part of the charm. I prefer my 605ers, but these have a special place in my heart, too. (The black one was my very first FP, the one that hit my collecting bug off)

    May I ask, why don’t you like their steel nibs? While I do prefer their gold nibs myself, in terms of smoothness the Pelikan steel nibs are absolutely top. I do like writing with them myself, so naturally I’m curious. 😉

    Beautiful pictures!


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