Things That Are Blue: Two Bright Blue Pelikans

Pelikan M605 Marine Blue and Pelikan M205 Transparent Blue fountain pens

Here is a quick look at my new blue Pelikan, the M205 Transparent Blue, with my slightly older blue Pelikan, the M605 Marine Blue.

The M205 is a demonstrator. The Marine Blue is not: the glossy, translucent plastic of the Marine Blue looks much less transparent in person than in photographs. But the Marine Blue has a definite “ooh shiny” quality.

The M205 is smaller, thinner and lighter, and has the steel nib instead of gold. But it’s also less expensive. And, yet, shiny. I passed this up when it was widely available a few years ago, but as soon as Pelikan reissued it, I snapped one up.

I use modern Pelikans all the time, and with blue my favorite ink color, I’m glad to have both of these.

Pelikan M605 Marine Blue and Pelikan M205 Transparent Blue fountain pens

4 thoughts on “Things That Are Blue: Two Bright Blue Pelikans

  1. Oh yeah, I loved the vibrant blue one. The look is amazing. And I didn’t try an M800 yet, so I can’t really say. I did try a M1000 the other day and it really is way too big for me to comfortably write – probably good, since the pricing is a bit above what I want to pay. πŸ˜‰

    Today’s post is skippable? πŸ™‚ I’ll see. I’ll probably turn green or something. But I really like your posts and pictures and most likely won’t go and skip πŸ™‚

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  2. “Now you’re just showing off.” Yeah, I’m lucky. Oh, and probably tomorrow’s post is very skippable …. πŸ™‚

    The size and weight of the M800 is too much for me, and that’s very lucky for me. I’ve loved all of them over the past two years. The demos were beautiful. And the current one, Vibrant Blue would look great next to those two up there.

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  3. Now you’re just showing off πŸ˜›
    The M605 is more pretty, I agree. Though really, if I could chose a pen I missed… the M805 demonstrator would clearly be my choice. Though I’d go for a 605 demonstrator if something like that came out. the 605 is the ideal size for me.
    But yeah… beautiful pens.

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