First Look: Venvstas Carbon T Fountain Pen

Venvstas Carbon T fountain pen

My new Venvstas Carbon T fountain pen arrived yesterday from Paris, and it’s a beauty.

Five quick things about this pen.

    1.  Carbon fiber.
    2.  Modern design.
    3.  Reasonably priced: I bought this for 70 Euros shipped from Venvstas.
    4.  Venvstas is pronounced “Venustas.”
    5.  The material reminds me a bit of the Lamy 2000.

And here are two quick photos.  Capped.

Venvstas Carbon T fountain pen

And uncapped.

Venvstas Carbon T fountain pen

6 thoughts on “First Look: Venvstas Carbon T Fountain Pen

  1. Ah, well the Lamy 2000 broad is the only Lamy 2000 nib I’ve ever used that is very wet and very wide. It’s a paintbrush! Even wider than Pelikans, I think. Mine was stubbish, too.

    I am with you on the Pelikan love. 🙂


    1. I swear, the first time I used it it felt a little like a felt-pen. Not in a bad way, either, just… unusual when you’re used to the other broad nibs. 🙂 I love it, truly. But it’s a LOT broader than my Pelikan B. Actually between my Pelikan B and M nib isn’t much of a difference (perhaps I got one of -those- nibs). It’s rather alike in width to my Pelikan Duo BB nib, actually (yeah, couldn’t resist)
      I love wet nibs. The ink comes out so beautifully. Especially the shading one. Yay for Pelikan love 🙂

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  2. It’s a fine nib, made by JoWo, and to me it writes like a typical European fine nib, which is to say on the wider and wetter side. I do think it’s closer to Pelikan nibs in feel than to the Lamy 2000 fine nib.

    I’m going to do a review of it, too, so I’ll write more.


    1. Then I’m restlessly waiting for the review. 😉 I’m really curious about what you’ll say about it. Perhaps until then I’ll be certain if I like the look or not.
      I’m a total Pelikan fangirl these days I find. I do look at other pens, but most of the ones I own by now are Pelikan. I do love the wetter writing – and their nibs. So smooth…
      I’ve not yet tried the Lamy 2000 fine, I’m on the broad. And I’m sadly behind on my pen reviews. 🙂 Damn work, no time for reviews… I’ll get around to it. I’m sure.

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  3. I’m as of yet uncertain if I like the design or not, but it’s certainly interesting.
    How does the nib write? And which size did you get? I’m curious like that. 🙂 Is it as wet a writer as the Lamy, too?

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