Pen of the Day: Lamy Al-Star Ocean Blue

Lamy Al-Star Ocean Blue fountain pen

Lamy Al-Star Ocean Blue with extra-fine nib. Blue is my favorite color for fountain pens and ink. That’s not really a secret. Also not a secret is my love for Lamy pens. But I far prefer the ABS plastic Safari to the sleeker, more sophisticated aluminum Al-Star.

Except … sometimes. And this gorgeous deep blue Al-Star is one of the exceptions. I think the deep blue tone and the reflectivity of the aluminum makes the Ocean Blue Al-Star a stunner.

Lamy Al-Star Ocean Blue fountain pen

I am using it to review the ink, KWZ Azure #1. That’s because Lamy’s extra-fine nib is very different from the broad nib Aurora Optima that I’m also using with Azure #1.  Here is Azure #1 in an extra-fine.

KWZ Azure #1 ink writing sample

6 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Lamy Al-Star Ocean Blue

  1. PS my Lamy Safari Dark Lilac was awaiting my return (hen’s teeth) by way of a small compensation. It is indeed a lovely thing.

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  2. One of my all-time favourites too until… I left my Lamy AL Ocean Blue, Lamy AL Dark Purple and Lamy Studio brushed steel in a dinky Laurige pale blue leather pen case in the seat pocket of a flight to Venice this week. Less glamorous lost property was handed in after the flight but alas not mine so somebody somewhere is now enjoying my darlings. How appropriate (painful) that you should choose today to celebrate this pen!

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