New Pen! Kaweco AL-Sport Fountain Pen in Grey


This is the Kaweco AL-Sport in Grey.  I reviewed the AL-Sport in raw aluminum last year. I totally fell for that one, and I had to buy it.

Though it took me years to try my first AL-Sport, it took only a few months to add another.  The truth is that the AL-Sport and the AL-Sport Stonewashed were among my favorite pen purchases last year.  I just think they are beautiful to look at, and great to write with.

And now I have the Grey to compare to the raw aluminum.  The raw aluminum is a high gloss finish that develops wear marks with time, while the other AL-Sport finishes, including the Grey, are matte. Here is the raw aluminum next to the Grey.


I actually bought the Grey by mistake — I had meant to get the Silver, which is lighter in color. This would only happen to me. Which is why I’m usually a go-with-the-flow person.  No choice.  But just think of all the surprises I get to enjoy.

Anyway, the Grey turned out to be a good surprise.  It’s nice.  The quality of the Grey finish reminds me of my Macbook Pro laptop cover, except that the AL-Sport in Grey is darker and not as sparkly.  Here is the Grey on the laptop.


The Grey is a warm color, almost brownish in tone.  In fact, it is like a matte version of Honda’s Urban Titanium Metallic paint color.  The Grey looks just as nice as the shiny raw aluminum, but in a different way.  The Grey is sophisticated where the raw aluminum is fun. I really like them both.


I wonder if the Silver will make its way here eventually.   Maybe I’ll set out to order a micromesh stick or something small, and end up with the Silver AL-Sport in my cart by mistake.  That probably could happen.

One thought on “New Pen! Kaweco AL-Sport Fountain Pen in Grey

  1. Yes! My first thought when I saw the picture at the top of the post was ‘wow, it looks almost…warm!’ And that’s weird because it’s definitely not what springs to mind most readily when you hear ‘metallic grey’! So, it was cool to see this in the description. There are a lot of really visually interesting things being done with metallic shades and textures in design right now, I think. All those metal(lic) devices and stuff, right?

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