Pen of the Day: Kaweco AL-Sport Grey


Kaweco AL-Sport in Grey with medium nib. I shared some photos of this pen yesterday, since it’s my newest purchase. I just really like it, so it’s Pen of the Day, too.

This one has a very nice medium nib.  It’s narrower than the medium nib on my Pelikan M400 White Tortoise, which you can compare here. I’m using the Kaweco with a wetter ink than the Pelikan, too.


I’ve got my new AL-Sport inked with Waterman Blue Black, now sold under the name of Mysterious Blue.  Waterman Blue Black is a traditional blue black with a greenish tint.  It’s not perfect.  It’s not an ink for a dry pen, because the color looks better with more ink flow.  And on some lower quality paper the ink color can lighten with time.  But Waterman Blue Black is very feather resistant, it won’t show through poor quality paper, and it’s a wet ink that works with most pens.

I use either Waterman Serenity Blue or Blue Black with every newly purchased pen.  That way I can tell right away how the nib writes. This one writes a little bit wet and is super smooth.


7 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Kaweco AL-Sport Grey

  1. I do like Waterman Mysterious Blue. I think the name is very apropos, as it’s a mystery what colour you’ll get on different papers! Something to do with the pH of the paper is my guess.

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  2. This is an interesting blue-black, in that it’s not very ‘black’ at all. If I had to sort it into a color category without the name it would just go straight into the blues for me. Is it generally a poor shader or is it just the nib/paper?

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    1. It’s a shader, for sure. I think the wet nib might suppress the shading a bit. On the other hand, it also suppresses the green tint that this ink can have.


      1. In which I realize that a too-wet nib can suppress shading. Good to know! It explains why I sometimes fail to get shading out of shady inks, even on CF paper!

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    1. They are great for that! I think many people use them this way. I like how the clip is removable, but you still don’t need it just to keep the pen from rolling off the table. There’s a lot of variety in nibs too 🙂

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