Pen of the Day: Kaweco Skyline Sport Metallic Violet


Kaweco Skyline Sport in Metallic Violet with medium nib. You know I love my Kaweco Sports, and here’s a great one.  The color is called Metallic Violet, but the pen body is plastic not metal.  Instead of being an ordinary plastic, however, it’s a special swirly acrylic that looks shiny.


That’s how you make a purple pen!


It’s inked with a cartridge of Kaweco Summer Purple.  Another ink on my to-be-reviewed list, Kaweco Summer Purple is my kind of purple: cheerful, unsaturated but easy to read, with lovely shading.

6 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Kaweco Skyline Sport Metallic Violet

  1. This pen is ridiculously gorgeous. It’s been love at first sight for me ever since I saw it on the CultPens newsletter a few months ago. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I could. Plus I have discovered the awesomeness of BB nibs on these things…ahh bliss, sheer shady bliss 😛

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    1. what’s this I hear about a piston converter? I know they have the squeezy ones – I normally hate those on most pens, but strangely I get along fine with the Kaweco version. Still, I’d never say no to a piston style one – but a quick google proved unenlightening. Care to share? 😉

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      1. I feel like I saw something online about a new piston converter for the Sport, but I’m not sure where and I couldn’t find it either.

        Right now I use the squeeze converter, with a syringe.


      2. ooh, you’re brave lol. I’d be scared of using a syringe with those converters – I might pierce that soft pliable plastic!


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