More Ink Purchases – Not Mine – Plus Useful Advice


Laura:  I was shocked to discover that I had bought thirty bottles of ink this year.  I know we both are ink people, and it’s fair to say we both already owned a lot of ink.  Did you buy ink in 2015?  How many bottles/boxes of cartridges?

Chris: I just went through the draft I had written, and amazingly I had 29 on there. But I had forgotten Omas America Vespucci Red. So when I added that in, I have thirty notable inks I bought.

Laura: Were you surprised at the number?

Chris: Surprised? No not really. I already suspected the number would be high as I collect ink like some people collect stamps.

Laura: Do you think there’s therapy available for me?  Or would that cut into my ink budget?

Chris: I bet there is a therapist who could help you to stop buying inks. However, that’s no fun is it? Also it would seriously cut into your ink and pen budget so it’s a non starter. What else would you choose to add on to an order, on an online special discount day, to get free shipping?

Laura: Phew.  Good advice.  I avoid anything that’s “no fun.” More seriously, I was surprised to find out how many I’d purchased.  Were you the same way, or were you more on top of it?

Chris: I kind of knew my total was going to be really high. I brought back about 25 bottles of ink from Florida. Some were gifts though, I hasten to add.

Laura: My ink plans for 2016 in a nutshell are “buy less.”  Do you have any thoughts or plans for 2016? Although, I’m really not an ink planner.  Are you?  Disciplined or not?

Chris: I will make a New Year’s resolution to buy less. After 2015 that will be easy enough to keep. I always plan to buy ink. I have already made plans to buy Sailor Pen & Message Cigar. I plan to find Sheaffer Persian Rose vintage too. I’m totally undisciplined when it comes to buying ink.


Laura: I can help with one of those 2016 plans.  Anything else you are looking forward to in 2016, in terms of ink?  I’m interested as always in Montblanc and Pelikan’s limited inks.  Although one Montblanc color appears to be yellow, and the Edelstein ink of the year appears to be aquamarine, so I think I’m safe there. How about you?

Chris: I’m looking forward to reviewing more inks, and am already looking forward to seeing Edelstein Aquamarine. I will probably carry on buying Montblanc LE inks as they are released. If I don’t I always find that I regret not getting one.

I’m also interested in KWZ inks. I’ve enjoyed trying these and will be trying more soon and reviewing these. They are hard to find here. I have tried brown/pink which is really unusual.

Laura: Any favorite brands?  Favorite colors?  I know you’ve been testing a lot of turquoise inks recently — any revelations or discoveries?

Chris: Montblanc and Pelikan Edelstein are always favourites. If I ever empty my bottle of Caran d’Ache Caribbean Sea, I now know I have two good alternatives: Diamine Steel Blue and Kaweco Paradise Blue. Although I try many colours, I always seem to go back to blues or reds as my favourites.


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