Looking Forward to 2016


Boy, 2015 turned out to be a fun year.  What’s ahead for 2016?

I’ve got an amazing envelope chock full of samples from Konrad & Agnieszka at KWZ Ink.  I’ve swabbed them all.  They all look great, and  I’m super excited to use and report on these inks.  We’ve got iron gall and regular.  Some blues, reds and greens and interesting browns.  They all look fantastic.


A few people have asked for a post about the pen that’s pictured in the blog’s banner, a Montblanc Agatha Christie.  I can do that!  It’s just a killer pen.  No pun intended.


I’ve also got some Kaweco inks to review.  I’ve really enjoyed using these excellent inks.  I’d like to see more attention paid to small companies like KWZ and Kaweco that are putting out really great products at a great price.


I’ve got some more fun nib grinds to show off.  One of my favorite things is to try something new.  These are pretty great.

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