What I Bought in 2015: Inks


Here are the inks I purchased in 2015, by brand.

Caran d’Ache:  (3) Delicate Green, Divine Pink and Infra Red.  Three gorgeous inks.   I adore these.  One was a possible Mystery Ink, too, so that’s kind of excusable, right?

De Atramentis:  (5) William Shakespeare, Black Brown, Indigo Blue, Jeans Blue and Maron.  One was a Mystery Ink.  All were on sale.  But I still bought five.


Diamine: (8) Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Salamander, Ochre, and Sapphire and Onyx Black for mixing.  Some were on sale.  Still, eight?!

J. Herbin:  (2) 1670 Emerald of Chivor and Orange Indien.  Good inks.  One was a possible MI.  But I’m up to 18 total inks already.


Kaweco:  (4) Caramel Brown, Palm Green, Paradise Blue and Royal Blue.  One was for MI.  I love three out of four.  And they line up so nicely, like well-behaved children.

Montblanc:  (5) Two Hitchcock (one for for MI and one for me), plus three current limited edition inks: Pink, Tolstoy and Blue Hour Twilight Blue.  But these are MB limited inks, and that’s sort of me.  It’s hard to be hard on myself with these.


Pelikan:  (2) Turquoise and Edelstein Amethyst.  Great inks.  But I’m at 29 already, and I don’t mean my age.

Stipula:  (1) Florentine Red. Half-price, a great color, and it was purchased as a possible MI.  A good buy, honestly.

Waterman: Pink cartridges (one box).  Fun, cheap, so this I can excuse.  Unless I look at the bottle of Montblanc Pink, too.


Oh dear.  I really like most of these inks.  But thirty is too much for me.  Things got away from me here. 2015 was ink overload.

So I need to straighten up and fly right.  This tells me that I cannot buy every ink I like.  A sale is not a good excuse, nor is adding another bottle to get free or reduced shipping.  At the end of the year, looking at thirty bottles feels like waking up with a hangover and a lamp shade on your head.

Or so I’ve heard.

Inkaholics Anonymous has a nice ring to it.

6 thoughts on “What I Bought in 2015: Inks

  1. uhh, 30 is not so much! Remember, you are a Pen Blogger now. Here’s a new word: forthuhblog. Right? Say it with me: fooor…thuuuh…blooog. You have an audience awaiting your take on various inks; can’t leave us hanging! So, there you have it. Maybe not enough to excuse a three-figure number of inks per year (just sayin’) but 30? Pfff. That seems downright *restrained* 😉

    That lampshade tho’ – I bet there’s a story there, and I wanna hear it 😛

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