What I Bought in 2015: Pens


I like to do an end-of-the-year “accounting” of the pens I bought, not to create the illusion that there’s any business-like veneer over my acquisitiveness, but more like an assessment, to see if I can learn anything.

This year was just fantastic.  I got great pens this year.  I did totally blow the budget in the last week.  But I’m still thrilled.

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5 thoughts on “What I Bought in 2015: Pens

  1. Were you able to instantly recall all your purchases or did you have to go back and look? I’m terrible at remembering what I bought. I’ll chalk that up to buying too many pens and not the poor memory from my aging brain.

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    1. I did instantly remember them! Probably because they were all so wonderful. Or, in one case, neon.

      The ink was a different story, however. In fact, I just remembered one last bottle yesterday. The ink is the dark side for me. 🙂


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