What I Bought in 2015: Inks


I entered 2015 with the firm determination to hold off buying new ink bottles until I used up ink I already owned.  Excellent, sensible resolution.  And how did I do?

Very badly.

When I went through my inks, I realized that I had purchased thirty new bottles of ink this year.  Plus a box of ink cartridges.  Too many bottles to fit in one photograph.

Yes, I did use up some bottles of ink.  And I sold many.  But, still, adding thirty new bottles is not what I wanted.  Time for the walk of shame.

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6 thoughts on “What I Bought in 2015: Inks

  1. uhh, 30 is not so much! Remember, you are a Pen Blogger now. Here’s a new word: forthuhblog. Right? Say it with me: fooor…thuuuh…blooog. You have an audience awaiting your take on various inks; can’t leave us hanging! So, there you have it. Maybe not enough to excuse a three-figure number of inks per year (just sayin’) but 30? Pfff. That seems downright *restrained* 😉

    That lampshade tho’ – I bet there’s a story there, and I wanna hear it 😛

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