What I Bought in 2015: Pens

Here are the pens I added this year, in chronological order.


Lamy Al-Star 2015.  The color is Copper Orange.  Nice color.  I was able to see it in person at the Chicago Pen Show before I bought it, but I would have bought it anyway.


Lamy Safari 2015.  The color is Neon Lime.  I saw it in person at the Chicago Pen Show, hated it at first sight and knew I’d buy it anyway.  For the collection.  I will never use this pen.  But actually the color has grown on me, a little.


Pelikan M400 White Tortoise.  Love this.  What a pretty pen.


Kaweco Classic Sport.  I bought a handful of these for ink testing, because they are wetter than the Lamy Safaris yet still allow me to swap out nibs.  I’m very happy with these.  Dan Smith also ground some into Architect’s nibs, which I adore.


Pelikan M600 Pink.  OMG. Heart emoticon!


Aurora Optima 365.  I just love this beautiful pen.


Montblanc 146.  Good pen; good deal (used).  This one filled a need, and I’m glad I got it.


Pelikan M620 Stockholm.  I still can’t believe it’s mine.  If I am hit by a bus tomorrow, I’ll go with a smile on my face.

That would also be convenient, because the credit card bill doesn’t arrive until mid-January.


Pelikan M620 Berlin.  One of the most beautiful pens I own.

In sum: outstanding.  Greatest year in pens ever. Yes, I overspent.  Non, je ne regrette rien.

Looking back, it seems I only bought pens I needed for something (the Montblanc, the Lamy 2015 pens and the Kaweco Classic Sports) or pens that I absolutely loved.  That made it a great year in pens.

If I were playing “[date], marry or kill” with these pens, they’d almost all be a “marry.”  Other than the Neon Lime Safari, which would be a “kill,” except that my Safari collection is forced to marry it.

I did buy two inexpensive pens that I later sold off because they were too large for me.  However, I didn’t strictly need either, and I sure didn’t love either.  Instead I was just curious.  So, they were bad dates, and don’t get a photo.

I guess if I learned anything, it’s that I’m the marrying kind.

5 thoughts on “What I Bought in 2015: Pens

  1. Were you able to instantly recall all your purchases or did you have to go back and look? I’m terrible at remembering what I bought. I’ll chalk that up to buying too many pens and not the poor memory from my aging brain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did instantly remember them! Probably because they were all so wonderful. Or, in one case, neon.

      The ink was a different story, however. In fact, I just remembered one last bottle yesterday. The ink is the dark side for me. 🙂


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