Pelikan M620 Stockholm


Stockholm is built across a series of islands, and Pelikan designed this pen to reflect that.  The acrylic is a mixture of pearlescent blues, grays, black and I think a tiny bit of yellow, perhaps.


In person, it’s so much more lively and interesting than I expected. It’s dark but not sober. Some of the acrylics reflect the light. It does make you think of water and stone, and the northern climate.

If I were the type of person who became obsessed, this would have been the white whale for me.  The Pelikan M600 size is my favorite; blue is my favorite color; and one side of my family is Swedish.  This is my pen.  But I wasn’t buying fountain pens when this came out, so I missed it.

Which is fine.  I’m not the type of person who becomes obsessed. And life is a lot more than fountain pens.  I looked for it desultorily, but I didn’t ever think I’d get one.

Then earlier this week, I saw a tweet from Fountain Pen Hospital showing, among other pens, a Stockholm. I picked up the phone to see if they still had it.  And they did. A Stockholm with fine nib (my favorite) in mint condition.  I could hear my grandmother saying, “It was meant to be.”

And that’s how the perfect present arrived on Christmas Eve.  A pure stroke of luck. My beautiful blue Stockholm, out of the blue.


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