Santa Baby


Pelikan M620 Stockholm.  I’ve been hoping for one of these for years.  All of a sudden, I saw that Fountain Pen Hospital had one.  And they made sure it arrived on Christmas Eve.  I love that store.

I’ll post more photos soon.  It may have brought a friend.

6 thoughts on “Santa Baby

  1. This looks like the sea when you look down over where you’re swimming in the clear summer. Light colors on top, deeper the further down you look, with some dark rocks and sea urchins 🙂

    The star bow used as a photo prop is genius! A reminder of the season, but without extra clutter. It’s cool how your photos convey a lot of info without ever being busy or crowded.

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  2. So HAPPY for you! I have three of the “Cities” series that I would be happy with, and it was a toss-up between Stockholm and Madrid (Chicago was in third, but distant because of silver hardware). And the 600 size is right up my alley. Good fortune shines on you!

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    1. I do feel very lucky! You hit the nail on the head there. And I need to post more photos. Watch this space. The best is yet to come. 🙂

      The Madrid is the only one left on my list. But as you say I’m already very fortunate, so I’m not really looking any more. Also, budget blown. 🙂


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