Pelikan M620 Berlin


So, I was on the phone with Fountain Pen Hospital, feeling so lucky to have found a Pelikan Stockholm, when I jokingly said, “Boy if you had the Berlin and the Madrid, too, I’d really be in trouble.”

And the super nice Fountain Pen Hospital guy (I think the owner, but maybe Kris Kringle), said, “Wait a minute, we just might have the Berlin here, which I didn’t get on the website yet — let me look.”


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7 thoughts on “Pelikan M620 Berlin

    1. Oooh! I’ve never been in love with the Shanghai from photos. But now I’m intrigued.

      Though honestly, I’d be just happy to see one in person. Maybe this will be the year someone brings one to the Chicago Pen Show.


    1. Great question. The Stockholm is the pen I’ve wanted for years, so that’s closest to my heart. But I honestly think the Berlin is the most beautiful of any of them — with the possible exception of the Shanghai, which is the only one I’ve never seen in person. 🙂


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