Wednesday at the Movies


There’s going to be a Star Wars Episode Seven?! I was tickled to see the trailer the other day.

I was in grade school when the movie Star Wars came out. Now Princess Leia and Han Solo must be parents or grandparents. I love it. Fictional characters: they’re just like us.

I am totally not a Star Wars fan. But I am totally looking forward to this.

Pen of the Day: Lamy 2000


Lamy 2000 with fine nib. You know how sometimes you have a pen that just fits you perfectly? You might overlook it for flashier pens, but whenever you use it, you think, I could have this as my only pen. The Lamy 2000 with fine nib is that pen for me, combining gorgeous modern style with a nib I love to use.


And I don’t know if this ever happens to anyone else, but I found such a perfect-for-me ink match that more than half the time I use this pen with one particular ink — J. Herbin Vert Empire.

Vert Empire is my favorite green ink, and since I just got a new bottle yesterday, I pulled out the Lamy 2000. Vert Empire shades beautifully. The gray-green color is soft and sophisticated, but still easy to read. It is a special ink. I am so happy to have it back, and back in this pen.


Words of Wisdom


Teenagers and parents are not always the best match. I’m sure both groups would agree.

Earlier this week, I was shaking my head about the latest teenage eruption here.  But then my older daughter offered a comforting thought. “The good thing about teenagers,” she pointed out, “is that they are out with their friends a lot.”

So true.


“Munch The Scream lithography” by Edvard Munch, licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

A Peek at the Pen Cup: October Edition


It’s hump day! At Fountain Pen Follies we’re trying to get over the hump. In non-pen news, the Chicago Cubs baseball team won their division series yesterday and next will play for the National League pennant. Wow. Surely the time is out of joint. In a good way.

I’ve been doing a lot of ink testing behind the scenes, and that has been tedious and a little frustrating. I hope things will be cleared up in time for a future post. At this point, if I never again hear the word “chromatography,” I’ll be good. Even seeing the roll of paper towels makes me scowl.

But let’s get over the hump. What’s in the pen cup?

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Fall Color Inks


These sunny October days and cool nights have put me in the mood for my first fall ink colors.

To my new favorite orange, Caran d’Ache Electric Orange, I’m adding two longtime favorites. These are Stipula Verde Muschiato, a muddy green that I adore, and J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie, which brings the warmth in a wider nib.

Two newer inks round out the selection: Diamine Carnival, which struck me as my most autumnal red, and Stipula Sepia, a warm brown ink.

All of the pens are old favorites: two Pelikans, two Lamys and a custom Edison.